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Here's a Happy Birthday flower for you, my friend. Enjoy your day!
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I finally foud some time to solve my birthday puzzles, Sandi! And I LOVE this! Such a beautiful flower. And being from YOUR garden makes it even MORE special. Thank for posting it for me. It means a lot to me. (•‿•)

And thanks for the birthday wishes Barb. (•‿•)


Lovely flower for a lovely lady! Thanks, Sandi.
Happy Birthday, Kirsten. ;-)


Oh, Sandi! How utterly gorgeous! And it's incredibly kind of you to make me a birthday puzzle. I feel very honoured. Thanks SO much! (•‿•)

I'm bookmarking for now, as I'm trying to catch up on all the puzzles and comments. But I can't wait to solve it, and see it in full resolution. Thanks again. You're a love. (•‿•)


Gorgeous lily and great photo. Thanks, Sandi. I know she loves flowers.

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