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Saturniid Moths of North America

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Saturniidae, commonly known as saturniids, is a family of Lepidoptera with an estimated 2,300 described species. The family contains some of the largest species of moths in the world. Notable members include the emperor moths, royal moths, and giant silk moths.

Adults are characterized by large, lobed wings, heavy bodies covered in hair-like scales, and reduced mouthparts. They lack a frenulum, but the hind wings overlap the forewings to produce the effect of an unbroken wing surface. Saturniids are sometimes brightly colored and often have translucent eyespots or "windows" on their wings. Sexual dimorphism varies by species, but males can generally be distinguished by their larger, broader antennae. Most adults possess wing spans between 1-6 in (2.5–15 cm), but some tropical species such as the Atlas moth (Attacus atlas) may have wing spans up to 12 in (30 cm). Together with certain Noctuidae, Saturniidae contains the largest Lepidoptera and some of the largest insects alive today.
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Hi @DivaAnn. Welcome to Jigidi! I'm glad you liked the butterflies. Mary

thank you very much I will enjoy


Beautiful puzzle. Quite a challenge to work.


@wjwitch Hi, 196 pieces is as big as my source photo will go. Not huge, but more challenging than the 9 piece version. I hope you enjoy it. Mary

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