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Native American statue / Cody, WY

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I never got to first base.


My repetitive errors always involved "E-3". (That damn first base thing!)


I sometimes forget that I am usually not posting on my own puzzles, and should not be too serious otherwise.

If we try to forget the past, we are likely to repeat errors.


Not necessary, my friend. You have the podium.


Oh yes, I forgot. Max, if you wish for me to remove this rant I will gladly do so.


While generally I would make some kind of smarmy comment here, I must say this. Our country is full of sculptures, murals, monuments, all kinds of things. Many date back far in our rather young countries history. While I can see some issues with some of the items, I do not think that tearing them all down is the proper thing to do. Our country (as EVERY country on the planet), has had some things in its past that are not things to be proud of. They DID, however occur. Running around the country trying to erase our history seems to me to be very short sighted and completely pointless. You CANNOT change the past.

Rant over and done with. On with the show.