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Kitty Riviera

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The dining room is rather long, so at the opposite end of the room from the table, we have a series of cat trees which we call the "Kitty Riviera". It provides plenty of lounging space while enjoying a view of the backyard and pool.

This photo was taken when the kittens were a little over three months old. They still hung out together as a family unit, but they had begun to explore the various regions of the house. Can you spot all six? (Mama included)
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  1. rrfan10:57
  2. DeDonder12:23
  3. slavka114:32
  4. ajandfran18:26
  5. beyondwords18:40
  6. TomEd20:25
  7. KatKrazy21:11
  8. reflections24:03
  9. demile25:05
  10. CrazyCAT5429:10


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Thank you. I'm no longer a little confused. I can understand why you fell in love with all of them. I'm sure you can tell all your kitties apart, but I'm still learning who's who in different settings.


Auto correct got the better of me, so I fixed the comment. All are still our cats. Our problem is that we can't give them up because we fell in love with all of them.


Mama (Natasha) is the one in the back. She's the tortoise shell sitting on the log cabin. Berlioz is next to her. Nefret is the dilute tortie sitting up in the center of the photo. Panchito and Kahlua are asleep in the foreground and O'Malley is the elusive one. They don't all hang out like this anymore. They have all become rather independent and do what they want on their own.

What a family! Who did you say is next to Natasha? Wasn't Kahlua was adopted by another family? But the rest are still with you?

Easy to spot 5, but the 6th was a challenge. Had to complete the puzzle to find the 6th in the shadow. Which is the mama? Thank you for sharing another area of your home. I'm always curious about how you accommodate such a large fur family. They have wonderful spaces and wonderful love. -Patsy

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16 November 2020 - 11 November 2014
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