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Martian Stargazing

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I created this puzzle a while back but did not publish it because I'd done no research to do a write up on it.

Since my write ups are apparently an invitation to get into hot debates, I'm not doing them.

I put HOURS of research and writing and editing into my puzzles, it's just not worth it to have them removed because someone else decides they don't fit with their religious views.

So, enjoy this puzzle of some dark stuff with some bright stuff, and [pretend I did a write up where you learn so cool stuff and see things from a different perspective (in this case a very different perspective).

Ack! I said something to make people think! Oh no! I might offend the Flat Earthers!

From now on no more write ups.
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Thanks Bev that's very kind of you to say. :-)) I wish the same for you too. (❀◠‿◠)


You are a wonderful trusting friend. I wish you the very best in life. Bev. 1-12-24


@redina1 Thanks, It's great to celebrate with eachother here, :-)) The more the merrier to bring a big toast to her birthday!! (❀◠‿◠)


Seems our messages somehow overlapped eachother. To answer your question, to me she may be out of sight but she's never been out of my heart. :-)) So I always send her a note on her birthday on her own posts or on one of my own.
But also randomly I've always created posts for her throughout all these years to let her know I haven't forgotten her & give a little wink to her wherever she might be. ;-))

I hope you did found the tag that redina did send you, so you can see she's gorgeous person on the outside too! (❀◠‿◠)


@bevpuzzler8 I tagged you to her puzzle.


Unfortunately, I cannot find or play tried every which way. I had the ssame problem with trying to get a video from Wales and I got a popup about USA restricting etc. ...I was curious, and curiosity killed the cat. 🙄


I see today is her birthday. Mazy, if you see this know that you are still remembered and missed, big time!! Happy Birthday! :)
Thanks, @pukkiepuk


@bevpuzzler8 Here she is. She is such an amazing person, I really miss her, too.


Soo, Mazy is really a woman?


Yes I know, but I'm from Europe so here it's already 02.48 a.m. the 13th of January. ;-))
So she knows I'm not too early, for maybe she could be flying right over Europe at this very moment..who knows. :-))


Today is Jan. 12, 2024...


Professor has not been seen in a long time. What made you send greetings?




I hope you will have a w😄nderful day with your friends & other loved ones. 🎈

May you be utterly spoiled with excessive l💖ving universal attention,
funny 🎁 gifts, lots of 🍷"cheers"🍹 & loud songs!! ✊😁

I hope you're doing well & that 2024 will be a year with joyful happenings for you! 💪😄
Still missing you dear friend, sending lots of l😍ve
with 3 Dutch loud smacking Birthday kisses!! 💋💋💋

The 'one & only broodje kaas' met dikke knuffels. (❀◠‿◠)


I had forgotten about this one. I'm watching with you, JM. :)


Still waiting for Mazy to come back ... 🐕


I've read some here from way back when and I did make some recall
I imagine Mazy was was what word am i looking for? Thank you for the tag.:))


Your creativity and alternate perspectives are missed.


@bevpuzzler8 This is the last thing she published and you can see by the conversations she was pretty well fed up with things. I really miss her, too. She introduced me to this song and I listen every now and then and think about her.


She had stars behind each eyelid
and a galaxy in her soul,
that drew people to her endless heart,
like the pull of a black hole.

She was made of earth and fire.
Of wishes cast on shooting stars.
She was a brand new solar system,
unlike the ones they'd known so far.

With constellations ever changing,
no one could memorise her skies.
And they thought the thing for them to do,
was bring her to their size.

They shrunk the universe within her,
told her, her vast expanse was wrong.
That she should make her life much smaller,
if she wanted to belong.

As they collapsed her world around her,
she felt her inner stars grow cold.
Until her life was far too heavy,
for her once strong arms to hold.

You might wonder how it happened,
but I guess that it makes sense,
because a life becomes much heavier,
when it's the universe condensed.

~ E. H. ~

Hou die spierballen in vorm lieve vriendin! ;-))
Mis je & Dikke knuffel.


it looks like Mazy dropped in on January 12, deleted the Phoenix egg puzzle, and left the obnoxious avatar.


I agree Fay, I hope she sees it. ♥♥♥


Found and solved thank you Ank. I did use that link but I never have any luck with links. Thank you for tagging me. Mazy has been gone a long time now, I hope she does look at our messages to her, and knows there are some who love and miss her. Stay well dear Ank, Fay.


Hi Faye, it's a private puzzle so you can't find it on my page, you have to use the link

I will go to that puzzle and call you. I hope you check your notifications then you can find it there.


I tried to get this collage, Ank, saw many puzzles but not our lovely Mazy. Fay.


To Mazy's friends.

Lyricist wrote that she wanted to see Mazy's real avatar. I agree with her, I never liked this last one. So for everyone who wants to see the real Mazy, I saved her avatars and made a collage and a private puzzle, you can find it here:

Ank, ♥


Hi Mazy. I hope you see this. It is January 13, 2021. I wish you a happy birthday and many happy and healthy years. All the best with you. Stay healthy and enjoy your day. Love and hugs, Ank ♥♥♥


Amen, Fay!


❤️❤️❤️ AMAZING MAZY❤️❤️❤️. My friend. And as Mary said, I also want to see your real Avatar. Hugs Mazy. Fay.


I would help you become, the exclusive Mazy out of reach by spoilers !!!
Next item you want show, do not publish, but tag your friends..
Then each friend will tag their trusted friends etc :-)))))


I love this one Mazy. I have always been fascinated with the planets and the universe in general. I firmly believe there is life out there somewhere and just hope I live long enough to see it discovered. I'm 78 so they had better hurry. And what everybody has said, keep posting...........Wendy


Please, please don't let these people push you out because as others have said, and I agree with them, you have much to offer and to teach us. I don't know why anyone would treat another human being like you've been treated but it isn't right and the folks in the office at Jigidi should realize that it isn't your fault for the way people take what you post and turn it all around to get involved with politics or religion and what the point being is they are dealing with someone who had tried to make this site not only a fun place to spend time but also to teach some of us things we know nothing or very little about. I thank you for all you've done in these areas for this of us who are here for a good time and yes, even to learn something. Hang in there!!! You have a lot of friends here who care too much about you and are sorry to see you having to go through all this. Some people just aren't happy unless they are causing someone else misery. Jeri


And I see Venus and Mercury in the sign Virgo, which is your love of deep, detailed research (Mercury in Virgo), and there the earth (Virgo is an earth sign, I think), you are obviously close to the earth and the gifts ofvthe natural world - that is your love. Standing on Mars you are fighting to hold your territory, with the courage of the lion. You are protective of the Earth and the earth' s firstborn children. And there is Saturn close to the sun which gives you great depth of thought , but too much sorrow and sometimes makes you feel older in spirit than you should feel.


My dear Mazy, I want to see that avatar that is the real you - not this guy!! Don't let them drive you into hiding the joy you take in your discoveries! I think that's what happening. Now let me tell you what I think the stars in juncture are telling you, because they have a message. I think Spica is a bright star in Virgo, and the name is Latin for the sheaf of wheat she is often portrayed holding. And I think that's Virgo because she's next to Leo (my sign). That Maiden (Virgo) holding the wheat is your Mazy avatar in her straw hat with the bunch of herbs and flowers you plucked that day, laughing and full of hope.


oh, bless you, Ly. You always know what to say


Now then, Mazy, it is scandalous that Phillistines stripped away a single word, a single comma of your brilliant research and writing. I can't believe it! I have to do this:

No, not enough! Nothing less than a banshee would serve here! You RESEARCHED it! You WROTE it! I get it! I so get it!

Your stuff is breathtaking. You know how I feel about that. You know those stars. Those stars know you, more to the point.


I'm sure you've heard (I think I first saw it in a puzzle here) that the world can't be flat or else cats would have knocked everything off the edge by now.


I'm not here and I have nothing to say. for PD and RPi
yes, pretty much iceng, on both counts. It seems to happen every 2 month or so here :( So I go away and enjoy life elsewhere, then come back to visit friends, share cool stuff, and then get bashed to my limit again by people who - oh, I am not allowed to say anything about how their opinions seem to drive their lack of character, though weirdly in the Jigidi universe they can publicly malign me all they like.
Scarborough, I'll take that as a compliment... I'm a bit of an encyclopaedia nerd, I would love it if you enjoyed my weird library here
FB well if you think about it they have a point - that's to say, if a flat plane intersects the surface of a sphere, it can only do it at a single point. So. They have A. Point.
Also-ran, you know the feeling is mutual.

Thank you all for being supportive, and thanks to you guys that have been good friends, and cheers! here's to you others maybe becoming good friends too.

@Surreal_Heidi that obviously includes you :)


I think you rock, Professor Mazy!


HA! If THAT isn't irony, FB, I don't know what is!


I read somewhere that the Flat Earth Society recently announced that they had members all over the globe.

Mazy, you write so cute that I’m sorry I never noticed your byline before today. Now I just have to look up all your puzzles. I like to learn a little bit more!

Spica is a star, PutterDutt . Google says it's 250 ± 10 light years from our Sun.


Some busy ass stalking you Mazy ?!

I know how annoying that is ~~~~~~~~ and then the better people policing Jigidi erase half of your puzzles because of a fun political cartoon published a year earlier :-o


Can you answer questions still? Who/what is Spica?

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