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Fancy That!

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Drifting off.....
The Fancy Pigeon seems to be getting extremely comfortable with my garden (and me).
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  1. janejig2:57
  2. pmyers3:02
  3. Ianto3:12
  4. BaileyThecate3:17
  5. Ohmyword3:43
  6. Pekaji3:51
  7. alliebono4:12
  8. Shosh5:21


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Sorry allie, I think I've confused you.
Yes, he's lost, he's an escapee.
When I say fancy pigeon, he's been bred with feathers down his legs. Don't know of any other differences.
You may have missed:
This picture shows his legs and yellow tags.

He's definitely lost, but prefers my house to going on a search.
I doubt they let these out for a fly, wouldn't risk damage, etc by other birds.


Oh OK that's good - I thought he was lost! Locally they let them fly for a bit everyday probably before being fed and when then they return, they lock them in their cages until the next day.


He comes running up to me for food.

Allie, being a fancy pigeon I think he's probably local and enjoys the freedom. He's with a lot of other pigeons, but then some days he stays the whole day.


Poor thing - must have got lost on a long flight and found refuge at your place - couldn't have chosen better!!! Hope he/she recovers. :-)


No, I didn't do the puzzle, I have too many of them to do - 38 pages of bookmarks! I have even stopped bookmarking unless it something I REALLY want to do. I am able to increase in size, any picture, writing, whatever on my computer.

Your little friend has almost gone, maybe his attitude is because he has had contact with humans and trusts them - whatever his reason, it is really lovely isn't it? You have a friend for life cc!


His attitude is completely different to all the other pigeons.


I don't know if you did the puzzle but please do, so you can enlarge and look at the 'totally at ease' look in his eyes.
I really don't want him/her to get to the point where I can pick him up because then I will have to contact the owner.


This is so sweet cc - he obviously feels so safe and at home in your garden, and of course the food you hand out so freely, is a real bonus. How lovely having him as a regular visitor.

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