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New England Favorite.......Clams and scallops!

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  1. lordmojo3:35
  2. 1y2n1533:56
  3. l_bethoney4:53
  4. Jyj5:03
  5. susannea5:32
  6. GetJiggy5:56
  7. dakotablondy6:09
  8. yarnover6:28
  9. milinski6:28
  10. pfd03156:32


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I intended to say something complimentary in regards to the photo, but I will pass, too much controversy might occur, if I speak my mind. Bib


I 100% agree with you all. Maybe with the prices going up so fast on seafood, people will finally get the idea that supply and demand may never be in balance for them again. Seems that it has to affect THEM or they don't simply understand what many of us have been saying for decades.


I wish more people would sound "a bit too much". Maybe we could get something done that way. I get livid just thinking about all of this.


Donna James........I know that the taste is inferior than in the past. There is/has been a lot of pollution along the shores.........for a long time now. We are eating what they were eating. We won’t even talk about the gigantic plastic islands!
Cindy.........I guess I am starting to sound “a bit too much”, but do you fathom the number of people who INSIST that global climate change is a natural occurrence!


I_Bethoney that is all we can do is to try our best on what we can do and hope that others will wake up. Just aren't alone!


My mouth is (was) watering! I was born and raised on Cape Cod and I miss the seafood. Left the Cape when I was 20......that was 52 years ago! I was not aware the taste has changed too. When will people realize I want to taste food not GMO cardboard. Have you tried buying fruits and vegies from a supermarket? Cardboard!!!! I want a tomato to taste like a TOMATO! Better stop before I get on my bandwagon...….. :-(( dj


Cindy........wish that we could somehow change the situation.......or could have in the past. I try to do what I can, but it seems like trying to sweep the tide back with a broom!!


I was born in New York and only lived there for a few years until my Dad got transferred. Not just the seafood has changed but lots of other things too. So sad. Such a shame that people aren't waking up and realizing what we are doing, and have done, to Mother Earth! I hear you I_bethoney…..Cyndi


Ha ha........I was born in Boston and grew up here........Sad to say, the seafood today, compared to what we had years abundance, variety and taste, are the difference between night and day..........What are we doing to Mother Earth!!


Yum! If you have any leftovers I will bring a doggy bag!

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