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Baby Marshmallow napping

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  1. Docram8812:45
  2. DeDonder15:29
  3. thebetterhalf15:49
  4. Talana15:54
  5. pholmes19:06
  6. wiewiorka22:08
  7. CSJDL28:49
  8. Explorer201629:03
  9. beyondwords30:23
  10. Mayj1762543:49


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I know that Marshmallow! Good cat. Lucky cat.

Marshmallow was an all white kitten, who clearly has a little Siamese in him. He started to get "toasted" and would probably be considered a 'flame point' now (at 4 years old). He kept the blue eyes and is more dog than cat.....he comes running toward people when they come, rather than hiding, and he can't get enough petting! (He also loves to lick people!)


Tell us something about this sweetie.


Pleasant dreams little one! 🤎🤎🤎

Cats love to sleep

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14 February 2017 - 7 June 2015
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