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The Sunken-Sunken Hand........

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Today I accompanied Pee Le-Squirt and Hippolytus, as far as the barren, isolated region of Nether-Bonga (known as the land without tadpoles) - the starting-point on their journey into the unexplored region of Nether-Nether-Bonga.........
They are searching for the fabled nubile nymphs of the area - Hippolytus wants to photograph them
for his forever-forthcoming book "Nubile Nymphs Of The World", while Mr.Le-Squirt has
Our surprise was great when, having passed "The Sunken Hand", we came across a "Sunken-Sunken
Hand".........Here we see the once-notorious Torius sisters sharing their ice-cream atop the giant thumb.....(They are enjoying a day out as reward for being model prisoners......I mean, patients, at the D.O.L.L.S. House)........
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Oh Paddy is so brave I expect he'll come back a changed man, of course if he had gone on his own he could have hidden behind a rock and made up stories. Maybe they could still do that, two heads being better than one if only they had some water. Press on boyse there must be an oasis somewhere, what do the nubile nymphs have to drink otherwise?


Happy holiday, precious-pebble........
You're welcome, thousands-of-cakes.......I believe it is the matching hand - I don't think there are any more!.......Unless they've sunk completely.............


Thanks for a continuing tour of Nether-Bonga!! I see this hand is a right!! Is it the matching hand to the left one or are there more sunken hands?? Thanks Lela!! :))))
(time, 1:33)
Have a wonderful holiday Hanne and Bent!!! And a wonderful holiday for you too precious pebble!! :))))


I see Hanne and Bent are visiting "Seventh Heaven"...have fun. We're off across the Pond later today so will miss everyone's fun and adventures until July. (I will try to pop in occasionally if the opportunity arises.) :)))


Bye for a while Hanne and Bent, enjoy cuddling that lovely baby you lucky people


Enjoy your holiday, Hanne-of-the-pipe!........


I wish all of you a very good time, see you again about June 20! Enjoy!!


Do wish you luck and all well both of you - DON'T TOUCH THOSE HANDS!!! Those sisters can do it but it's no good omen.....!! Really!!


Into the Valley of Death rode the two


Will someone please hand me an aspirin?




Hmmmmmm, I was anticipating nymphs, and as of yesterday's last exchange, now they're promising nymphos? Hippolytus is in for sure on that one! Still troubled by that "may, or may not exist" phraseology of lelabug's, but an adventure well met is not to be eschewed.

The presence of the Torius sisters is AN ILL OMEN for the start of a hazardous adventure. What evil may lie behind their release from The D.O.L.L.S. House? What plot within plots? Well, it's too hard for me to figure out, so what the hell!


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