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Still beautiful at 90 years old

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This astonishingly beautiful lady is turning 90 this year.

Danish royal vessel Dannebrog hoisted her first command flag in May 1932. She was built at Orlogsværftet in Copenhagen in 1931-32. She has a riveted steel hull with a clipper bow and elliptic stern. Her crew consist of officers and privates of the Royal Danish Navy. Since her launch about 3,300 sailors have recieved their training on board Dannebrog.
She has sailed more than 800,000 nautical miles and traveled to many places. Among them Greenland and the Faroe Islands to which she has carried the Queen on numerous visits. Dannebrog is the official and private residence of the royal family on their annual summer trips around Denmark and other places.
Her latest major overhaul was in 1980-81 with among other things replacement of her engines.

In my opinion Dannebrog is one of the world's most beautiful yachts. She is lovingly maintained and is despite her age looking prettier than ever.

GT: 1,238 tonnes
Overall length: 286 ft. (including her bow spear)
Width: 34 ft
Draft: 12 ft
Mast height: 75 ft
Engines: 2 x B&W Alpha Diesel each with 830 hp. Twin-screw propeller.
Speed: 12,5 knots
Range: 3,600 NM
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Yes, she is a beauty.

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