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My nephew's wife took this on their way home from school. Fairly close to their house.
The cat blends in perfectly with his surroundings.
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That would scare me too. I jump at the littlest things anymore. I'm sure that was something the kids liked seeing.
I'm ready to go lay down and rest for a while.


Well that's a little too close for comfort, Juba!
I will go look for your petunias. Thanks.


Judy, we had this library patron, whose husband shot a bobcat in the NC mountains and had a taxidermist stuff it. It was in her house until she got sick of it and donated it to the library. I came to work one morning and walked into the staff room and saw this big huge cat with it’s mouth open sitting on the table. Scared the crap out of me. My boss displayed it on top of one of the bookshelves along with other crazy things patrons donated, such as a dinosaur made out of chicken bones, which was so cool. Anyway, every time I walked down that aisle, that cat scared me to death. I kept forgetting it was there.

On another note, our local library here where my daughter works, has a museum in it, with an alligator that some local caught and had stuffed. They also have other local animals and birds. The kids love them.


I posted my petunias.
My friend showed me a photo a a big mountain lion in her yard. She lives 3 blocks away.


I wouldn't go outside after dark there, and not alone in the day. lol
I don't go outside after dark here. Too many little critters creeping around in the dark.


That's the one thing I like about Cali weather. It does cool down at night. I love petunias. You'll have to post a picture of them.


Scary for sure.


No snow. It’s been 80F high here for most of this week. Gets cool at night but just started using the AC. Been outside planting petunias and fertilizing things. Just slightly sweaty. :-)


I'm still trying to find my "fast period." lol
Probably about 10 a.m. if I get up at 9.
I get tired late morning and early afternoon. Then again by 4, and an hour or so after we eat supper.

Take care Juba.
Do you still have snow? ❤️🌸❤️🌺


I’m faster in the afternoon.


Juba, you're in second place!
You get the silver! You are welcome.

And Suzy, you are on the board as well. You are welcome.

Well done, you two!


Three more solves and I’m actually on the board. ;-)


You're a peach! Thank you! 🌞🎃




Thank you, and you are most welcome!

Thanks Jill. I'm glad you liked it. You're welcome!

I agree, Val! You are welcome, and thank you.

You are most welcome and thank you for the nice comment and solve.
I specifically made this small for you and @Juba1010
And I think I made it in 300 size too.


That is a super photo of a great looking cat!!!!! Thank you, Judy and Jasmine!


My goodness Jasmine has a great eye for spotting this Bobcat thank you Judy ☺♥


Wow he really does blend in. Great photo Thank you


Ooooh, beautiful cat! Thank you Judy!


Thank you all for your great comments and for solving this.
I thought even here his head resembles a housecat quite a bit. You are very welcome.

Jayne and Bobbie,
I thought she did a great job of catching that.

I sure will thank her. She's a sweetheart.
And yes, the camouflague

6rescues I agree. I'm not good at spotting wildlife outdoors. My husband is very good at it.



Nice catch,
considering how hard it is to see.


He/she sure is well camoflagued. And, as Juba said, looks healthy and adult. Nice photo. Thank her for all of us.


Looks full grown and healthy. When they’re young they look more like house cats around the head. TFS :-)


Wow, great shot. :)


Fantastic capture!

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