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Honey & honey sticks in various flavors, yummmy!

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You're very welcome Janet, most of the flavored ones are very delicious!
Cevas, I'm glad to show you something different! They're an exceptionally good idea when you want something quick, easy, portable, nutritious, and delicious. And they're fairly reasonably priced! They'd be very affordable if you made your own.


I've never seen or heard of honey sticks!! Thanks, Loveydear, for the introduction. It's a great idea.


Thanks for that Ami. I had no idea what they were. They sound delicious. Hugs,


I guess you could make your own at home Lunie. You'd need honey, drinking straws, a syringe to inject the honey into the straw and a lighter to fuse the ends closed when beginning and ending.
I like your description of the bear squirty bottles Robyn!
Yummmm is right Patti!


It's honey that's been sealed in a plastic straw and flavored (or not) with other flavors. You just snip the end off and add to a drink or just suck on it for a quick sweet pick-me-up. They're only about 16 calories each and come in a wide variety of flavors Janet.




They look intriguing Ami!! Like Janet - I've never seen the sticks before. I'm eyeing off the bear squirty bottles on the end:)))


How do you make them lovey?


What is a honey stick, Ami, something new to me in Australia. We just buy our honey in bottles. Thanks and hugs, Janet


Please help yourself to all the green apple your heart desires, and try the caramel one with it, that sounds like a great combo doesn't it Lyndee!


But I really love green apple loveydear!


Mostly just eat it, but also use it to sweeten tea and other drinks Laura.
I like that idea Lyndee, but there's also banana, pineapple and raspberry to choose from!


It all looks yummy, but I've got my eyes on those green apple sticks!!!!


Do you just eat the honey or do you put it on something?