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Road trip - day 4

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We found a small motel with a vacancy, a great view , even greater price, and these lovely flowers. Thus ends day 4.


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Josie, So nice to see you here too. I can almost never beat my own time. I might on a third or fourth try but not on a second one. Thanks for coming by. I know you like flowers.


You're welcome, Pat.


I can't even beat my own time, ah well, now to see what I have missed of this trip. Thank you for the flowers, and I saw your flowers, you do a wonderful job my dear with lovely flowers.


very pretty thanks


Hanne, you would probably enjoy many of the pictures I'm not posting!! Yoyo is a photographer and takes many pictures I wouldn't even think of snapping. I imagine Bent is the same. Thank you for coming by.


Even my very ungreen thumb will grow geraniums thankfully. Thanks for stopping by.


I do understand that you HAD to take a photo!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


Trailing geraniums, lovely - and about the one thing that I do seem to be able to grow!!! Thanks Ardy, glad you found a great place to stay the night :~)


Barb, There are over 300 pictures from the ride up the mountain. I still haven't gotten through all of them. I've got to get back to them or we won't be tripping tomorrow. Thanks for enjoying the flowers. I'm on the bottom of the board now and about to go.


Just managed to make #10 on the board but not for long I imagine. Thank goodness you found a place to stay and with nice welcoming flowers. Looking forward to Day 5, Ardy. :-)