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Thanks PHOTOGENT for inviting my dogs for a visit.

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Sorry, gp, had to shovel the driveway and the walkway and out to the mailbox and now the car will not start and the garage door is frozen down, will come visit later, thanks for the invite anyway.


We are all sitting here waiting for the arrivals and a fun day at the farm. What is keeping you?


Monica, gave me a fun break for the usual stuff.


Hi Kathy!!! It DOES look like Toto from Wizard of Oz on speed! Yikes! He is kinda cute though isn't he! Great pic, Kathy! Thanks!


rockingrannybee, please do not worry, this is a graphic design dog/composite in response to past posts by both myself and photogent. Did not mean to trap any innocents. My medical reference was to Washington's newely passed legal pot law.


rockingrannybee, always happy to see a new face, thanks for snowshoeing in today.


jc, will put the hot water on if you have time for a cup.


PG you are a true gentleman and humanitarian....

We are traveling later this spring to the State of Washington to pick up medicine for the blue eyed beauty, his condition appears to be getting worse.


hahaha, good one!


Pilley they are all invited to the party of biscuits and treats and can I adopt the blue eyed beauty in the corner. I have a rescue that could be his twin but better trimmed to say the least.