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Mellow Purple

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114 solves
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OK, Ardy, Mandy, and Katie....I just read all three of your comments and I don't know what to add other than that they are exceptionally pleasing to hear. :-)


I'm joining Mandy - please don't give up!!! You know I'm usually a bright color kind of person, but you also know I can really enjoy the paler subdued colors too. Keep suiting your own mood when you create. P.S. I like these 3 x 3's - I thought you'd be able to tell when I said I got lost in the jungle.


Please don't give up!!! Its a seasonal thing - brightest in mid summer toning down through autumn and rising up through pastels in spring (I like to forget winter) - LOL


Wendy, sometimes we are bouncy and bright and sometimes we need quiet and soothing so there are places for bright and mellow. Isn't it great that we are not all alike or always respond the same way. So you can create and we can enjoy and everyone has a good time.


I give up! I thought both of you just loved bright colors. I like bright, but I like mellow ones just as much....and I had a craving to make mellow ones last night.
Well, now I'll feel a bit better when I post these in the future. :-)


Wendy, this is wonderful, and the detail in each of the blooms is amazing - I especially like the tiny flower in the centre of the one at bottom middle - and you can never go wrong with purple!!


Mellow is marvelous! What a gentle, warm, and comfortable puzzle--so lovely!