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the Bitter End Cockermouth

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this is one of the places we have lunch outside of in summer


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thanks, I won't be any bother I'm not a fussy eater just can't stand garlic or curry


Oh dear! then I shall have to remember that for when you come to eat at my place:-))
Hot chips and no garlic, ok?


thanks Phyllis, we went to this town for lunch today but to another cafe, got indigestion long before we got home. Worst of all my chips had garlic on them and I can't stand the stuff.


Corker puzzle June, lovely building.


In house guests can drink 24 hours a day, but only them. the police didn't much bother, I ne er called the out once in 15 years so why should they. And that is strange as most of our guests were Pop Groups who were playing in our area but lived all over the country. There was never a fight in our bar in fifteen years. Darn bedtime again time to put away my toys

gemstone time to get into trouble! LOL It sounds like long hours. Did you have many guests through the winter or did it ease off a bit?

I hadn't realized you could set your own bar hours. Was that just for in house guests or for the general public as well?


not very busy, not a main road. Well let me think what did I do. Accounts. Barmaid. Kitchenmaid. Waitress. Chambermaid. Cleaner. Ordering. Gardner. Dishwasher. Mother of three. My husband did the cooking. I may have forgotten some of my jobs I try very hard to. I think they do their own hanging baskets, we never had any. Because we ran an Inn there were overnight guests so we could run the bar all night if we wanted, and often did. Got to take the money when it is there


Very nicely kept, it on a busy street?

What sort of hours do pub owners have to put in? Did you do your own gardens, baskets, etc., too, or do you usually hire someone to come by for pruning, watering, etc? Do you have someone in the kitchen or were you jack-of-all-trades? I would think front of house, cleaning, ordering...would keep you busy enough already. :)))


Micro breweries have become very popular here in the states too. I think calling beer bitter is very appropriate!!! I don't even like the smell of it. LOL It's still a funny name to call a pub, I mean funny enjoyable, not funny odd. :)))))


yes even I have to wonder where they got the idea from. This pub brews it's own beer which is very good so bitter is also from that. Bitter is what we call our beer as opposed to our other drink of lager


Great puzzle, love this building. The names of some of the pubs/inns are so funny to me. LOL Many thanks June!! :)))
(time, 4:38)


Hi Claudia, just the usual misery and it is officially spring today. The pub is named after a small stream that runs by it called Bitter Beck


G'morning June! Let's see if there is something in Bitter and Cockermouth that could warm this chilly rainny morning in São Paulo.