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ATM 12

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I also post puzzles as ParsonWayne


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Don't be silly. You have Iguanas in the yards, gators keep to the pools.

So funny that some people who live elsewhere think those of us who live in Florida have these in our yards. Not quite. They are cute, not so much when they eat someone's pet.


You are so right Surreal Heidi!! I have never seen a baby one up close by imagine them being really cute- not cuddly cute - but comically cute. Thanks redina for the heads up. They always make me smile.


These are some of the most perfectly adapted creatures on the planet. They remain unchanged since the earliest days of the dinosaurs! And they ARE extraordinary mothers. Since we invaded and built our homes around theirs, we shouldn't blame them for being aggressive about it.


They are marvellous mothers - and all to the terrific and cute kids grow up to be ad big and as much goose-bump makers as their sweet mother!! Thanks Wayne! :-)))))


They truly ARE delightful little critters.


So adorable!! Not really. :)