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They won't let me play with the real ones!

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Oh, so sorry to hear that. I do understand though. My two bigger dogs tore their toys apart when they were younger. I showed my daughter this picture, she said ask if you can buy it! ha. Alas, now I have to tell her Fat Cat is no more. Thank you anyway..

Sadly, we don't have Fat Cat anymore. It had a rough life. Most of her toys last less than a year.


Is that yours? would you be willing to sell the "Ally Cat" toy? I would love to buy it.


O M G!!!! you have the stuffed black and white kitty. OMG! I bought one for my daughter years and years ago when she was little. She just turned 37 yesterday and still has it. Washed and loved all these years and she STILL sleeps with it. it doesn't look new like in the picture anymore!