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Election Day Tea Party

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It's done for another four years. Did not get all my choices but that is ok. Good thing is we will be able to see the beautiful countryside again MINUS
all those political signs! :)


Well the election is now over - hope you got your choice everyone. Probably need a cup of tea and a good rest now so enjoy TG's cuppa and the beautiful surroundings.


I'm late to the party today . . . computer problem!
Gorgeous puzzle!


Thanks, TG - such a beautiful tea party! You should have been a party planner in your other life. You always choose the loveliest of tablescapes. This photo is wonderful!

Happy voting everyone. It's nice to live in a place where all can!!


TG..........we had a bunch also.......sometimes very difficult to figure out if you are voting for or against the way some of the literature is worded. Grrr. your words. The thing I remember is the "little old ladies" (younger than me now) who usually run the voting offices here. They took their positions seriously! However, the last time I went there were about 6 who were in a spirited debate on what to have for lunch while I and others waited. (It really wasn't long) lol (BTW they settled on pizza.)


Thanks everyone for sharing your stories. Our ballot was so complicated this year that I voted by mail. We had 10 amendments to our State Constitution! I don't miss the hanging chads lol!


Ah, now that's a tea party for all sides to love--thanks, TG! :-)))

I miss the voting machines NY always used before, with the big curtain and hefty lever you yanked to close it. That booth didn't let you make mistakes--if you accidentally clicked the little levers under a second name for the same office, it would undo your earlier choice, so that you had a valid vote, always. And there were no hanging chads or incompletely filled circles or erasures--just a positive click of that little lever, an all or nothing, no doubts about it, selection. Yes, now they have a backup paper trail, but we almost never had a single problem, and certainly far fewer ones than paper causes on its own...! And it was really private, not like the new ones where a foot high piece of wood is all the separates your voting from your neighbor's, and they give you a piece of cardboard so you can shield the sight lines if you wish. It was awesome inside that curtained booth, just you, all in private, really feeling that you could make your choice freely and secretly...


Good one TG...harder than it looked. I think LuluK painted a lovely picture of election day and we voters. We are a vote by mail State here.....I do miss a little of the pride of going to the polls. However, I like the chance to really take my time with the mail in ballot/ State voter's pamphlet. :)

You got my day off on a wonderful note!! Just came in from doing the "morning duty" with my grandaughter's puppy. Freezing outside and lines of voters patiently waiting in the cold at our community house to voice their opinions in this election. A few minutes to meet and greet, then I rushed in with freezing hands to grab a steamy cup of Earl Grey...and to my delight your charming puzzle filled with flowers and warmth. To my amazement sitting there are two cups of tea in cups that are the exact pattern of a cocoa set my mother used to have. A heaven-sent message...Bless you, TG.