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Park and Tilford Gardens

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I took these pictures on Feb 2, 2013 in North Vancouver, Canada.
I don't know the names of anything and my hands were too cold to write notes. If you know what this tree is please leave a note and tell us!!

I think this statue is a tribute to David Douglas, a Scottish botanist.


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Thank you Suzy. You are very welcome!
Thank you Laurajane. Glad you like it.


Very nice and with lots of pretty colour on the branches.


Thanks for braving the cold to get these great pictures for us!


Hi Ank. Thank you for your note. I read your other note too so we all read that this is Witch Hazel.

We have Magnolia ( or Tulip) trees here too. They're beautiful !! There is one near that little church. I'll take a picture of it when it blossoms. I can't take pictures with gloves on either. Hug!


Hi Jim. Thank you for your note! I was waiting for the rain to stop. You are very welcome!

Hi Littlebuttercup ! The next picture I posted is a close up of this tree. And meowmom told me it is a Witch Hazel. It was about 4C or 39 F that day. Where are you?

Hi Carol. Yes, this used to be Park and Tilford Distillery (whiskey, I think?) In 1969 part of it was turned into public gardens. It's not a huge garden. I guess to walk slowly and see each section took me about 30 minutes. It is on Cotton Drive (which becomes Main Street ) near Brooksbank Ave.

Thank you Lorna! I walked from my place to the Gardens ( 5 km ... I wore my pedometer so I know. ) wearing my gloves. But while I wandered around the gardens taking pictures I didn't put the gloves on once.


Thanks for this beauty Cathy. So sweet of you braving the cold.
Lorna I never wear gloves, I find it very awkward. I do not think I can make a picture with gloves.
Cathy about that tree, I can't see it good enough, but the model of the tree makes me think of a Magnolia. We also call it tuliptree. Maybe you can look to a photo on the net of a Magnolia, then you can see or it is this tree.
Love the puzzle, thanks dear. Hugs.


I have no idea what the tree is, but I like the picture! Maybe you could do with some gloves Cathy!


Is that the brewery........I can't remember the name of the road?

Pretty picture, but it's hard to see the flowers. Any closeups available? (P.S. how cold was it? Where I am, it's 24ยบ right now.)


Thanks for the sacrifice, Cathy! I have been missing your Vancouver pictures!