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Good Morning Thought

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Background picture sunrise yesterday morning...7:15 am 02/16/2013


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These are nice brain twisters. This one reminds me of another: ( How many people got of the empty bus?). I've been waiting for you to ask, "What weighs more, a pound of feathers or a pound of iron?" Just kidding, enjoy your pics & puzzles.


How cool he was a little one... Thanks Jim tell Susan and the new parents Congratulations..


Pat, we are grandparents, again! Little Gabriel was born at 4:54 EST. He weighed 6 lbs 13 oz and was 18 inches long.


If anyone is interested the answer is "ONE" after you put one in the basket it is not empty anymore..


Good evening Lorna thank you so much...


Good evening Pat, love this photo, and an interesting question!


Thank you gnt I do get some pretty sunrises....good to see you..
Ank good afternoon I would love to have it for breakfast.... that is so cool ...


Hi good afternoon Sissy, I hope you have a lovely Sunday. Elly and I have been walking in the woods of Bakkeveen. It was cold, but we made nice photos. Remember the chicken in my garden, she has laid one egg on the doormat. Maybe you want to use it for breakfast. Hugs


nice pic


Good mornng warbler ...thank you .. nice to see you this mornng....


Good morning Mandy ... It sure does thanks ...Hugs


Lovely photo, Pat :~)
I remember not to put all my eggs in one basket, so I suppose it would depend on how many eggs I have!!


Nice sunrise from the ONE who is giving us these fun thought puzzles. Thanks PK


Good morning Morris ...thank you ...have a good day.


Good morning, Pat! Nice photo!


Good morning kokie you sure have the thinking cap on this morning...and thanks for the comment on the picture....nice to see you..
Good morning Lucy be careful when you go out and remember autos aren't the only ones recalled... have fun today...Hugs


Good morning Pat, this is one of your easier ones , I think. Will be going out on this miserable cold day for an event Ed and i have to sponsor. So take care and hugs to all. lucy


Wonderful photo by the way... !


Think it's just one egg... than the basket will not be empty anymore!


Good morning Jim thank you... did you solve the problem???


Good morning, Pat! Love your picture!


Good morning jamac don't believe I have had the pleasure meeting you.... I have to give them easy ones so they don't use all the grey matter in one week... nice to see you...
Good morning Ardy so glad you have it worked out and thanks for the comment on my sunrise....Hugs


Good morning, Pat. Beautiful sunrise. Thank you. It will be fun to read the answers to your question. I'm grinning about it already. Comment reading is almost as much fun as solving puzzles!! Have a great day. Hugs.

this ones to easy