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The deer in our area are usually not afraid of people, & are often as interested in us as we are in them, which creates some fantastic photo opp's! I will be posting more really good deer photos very soon!


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Oh dear! The doe looks like she's on only one front leg. And such a dear deer to dare so near! Gina, it must be very peaceful to live like this.


I agree, Sparkles! ♥ :-) ♥


you a re so lucky to live amongst all these beautiful creatures xxx hugs


Wow Mary, all of those "divided loyalties" would sure make for a lively football game, LOL! We're not big football fans, or other sports for that matter. But we do support those who support their home town or other favorite teams, if that makes sense. My mind works like yours, memories just suddenly pop up out of nowhere sometimes. Your are right about this being a serene & peaceful scene. Just watching the deer in our yard makes me feel totally relaxed & at peace. I'm hoping & praying with you to get to visit lovely Oregon this year, or at least soon. ((((HUGS)))) Gina


Gina, this is so serene and peaceful. How blessed you are. I love this puzzle. It is so funny that you were saying people thought the house was painted those colors because you love the Oregon Ducks and my favorite color is blue, blue and blue. However, I love the Oregon Ducks. Bob and I use to watch Oregon Ducks football , ( I am a big college football fan, certain teams though. Bob went to Michigan State and I was born in Alabama. Son and brother to Auburn, another brother to Georgia Tech. Hey, it was always riotous when they all would come home. Strange how the mind works, all those drawers back in my head seem to open at the weirdest times, Lol. Thanks for an interesting puzzle. Still hoping to see your state this year. Mary


Now I remember seeing parts of your house, etc., in other pics. Very cheerful. nan


Another cool thing about this pic is that there is a little black bird sitting in the grass to the right of the tree. I didn't even notice the bird when I took the picture, because I was so focused on the deer!


That is our pump house. Our house is painted the same colors, which happen to also be the team colors of the Oregon Ducks. Everyone thinks we're big Ducks fans, but actually yellow & green are Hubby's & my favorite colors, LOL!


Gina, what is the cheery yellow building in the background? nan