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Patchwork Loony

48 pieces
165 solves
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Thanks so much, Robyn! :)))))


Wonderful puzzle, pd!! Just loved it, thank you. :D


Another loony, but it was fun--BTW, you are also one of MY favorite persons on jigidi----thanks for sharing!!


I wish I could see myself that way, too, because it sounds really nice, but I've never quite been able to...... Thanks so much, Kate--I always look forward to your comments, and not just on my puzzles, either!


Pat, you are one of my favorite people here on jigidi. You see yourself very differently than I do. I wish you could see yourself through my "eyes". Your curiosity, intelligence and perseverance are part of what make you great. I enjoy coming to your site for you as well as your puzzles, Thanks for being here. Kate (aka Hey You)


Thanks so much, Ardy--I'm so glad you like this, because it was a big departure for me! :-)

No, Kate, I didn't know that was your name, which is why I keep calling you mp, like the knucklehead I am! I always make a note of a real name for a profile when I find out what it is, because I like to use them, even though I don't at all mind people calling me pd! And please don't mind me--I love that you let your looniness shine through! I just get very nervous and insecure when I can't understand something, and I always pester people to the point of their wanting to throttle me until I do understand. Oh, my, TMI--sorry! Thanks for being patient! :-)))


I think it was just My "looniness" coming out. I thought you knew my name is Kate - some do - and yes I love shadows and some people here in jigidi land call me shadow - and I'll answer to most things, including "HEY You" or "Hey Youse" or "Hey You'all", depending, etc. I do love the colors and patterns and angles of this Patchwork Loony of yours. Thanks


Pat, I love this. You can do more like this and I will be delighted. Thank you. This was a fun surprise.


I'm loathe to admit that I don't understand the last part of your comment, but I don't! Your avatar is a shadow--is your name Kate? Do people just say "Hey You" because it's easier than "mpilnadyful"? I'm sorry--it's probably totally obvious to everyone else--either that, or you've explained it before and I'm having a senior moment... But I'm glad you like this anyway! LOL!


Looks Delight Full. Running out the door, will solve later. I think of this one as my own portrait - I'm a Patchwork Loony too - Kate/Shadow/HeyYou


Thanks so much, Wendy and Jan! As usual, I was experimenting with LunaPic--I've never used it to recolor anything until a few days ago, when I discovered that "emboss" made some cool color overlays, and the shades were good for fall. This time I used its paint function, which I'd never tried before, and discovered I could add things like the plaid and the flowers--fun! :-)))


Pat - I love your new fall palette. It is pleasing to the eye! (actually to both eyes.LOL). Great puzzle with the little "surprises" on some of the patches. Thanks!


Very, very cool, Pat!