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A Hint of Butterfly.....

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Michelle, I hunted all over for a team of used sled dogs.... Sad to say there were none to be had.... Keep warm and safe.... :) :)


Aloha... Yay!!!! Spuddie, wuddie... You're back.... Me thinks you have Hawaiian flowers on the brain.... Hope you enjoyed every little Hawaiian thing.... Aloha.... :) :)


Puzzaddled - actually no, I don't remember it, but it would seem like a good thing to do - call in the military. I know the military helped out with sandbagging just outside my city a couple of years ago when there was a bad flood. Even the teenagers who wanted to help were let out of school. They needed all the hands they could get.


Fun, fun, fun! Hawaiian flowers sliced and diced and refashioned into a butterfly shape! :)


har-de-har har.... We live in cities, dear girl! (Mine has only about 2.6 mil in the city proper and 5.6 mil in the GTA...snowmobiles...yeah, right!) Wait, just let me lash the dogs to the sled....MUSH!

Well, actually, we got a bit more than the posted 25 - 30 cm average for the city since we live in the area where the snow load is greater... ;-D I've posted a few fun pix over on puzzaddled2.

Whattie, you know I have to be careful saying how much we got...remember back in '99 when our mayor called in the military to help clear the freak storm load and how the rest of the country mocked us? We had an 11 ft high drift at the bottom of our driveway that took four of my family a whole day of digging just to be able to pull the car in one car length off the road! Now THAT was a lot of snow and it was the really heavy, wet stuff too. All everybody in the city did for days and days was shovel and shovel and shovel....


Thanks, Whattie.... I'm with you on the snow... Hope everyone has a snowmobile so they can get to the grocery store.... :) :)


Thank you, Mimi.... Hints are good... Glad you enjoyed.... :) :)


Thank you, Maria..... :) :)


Thank you, Rosie for the kind words.... Glad you enjoyed the vivid colors and the faux fractal.... :) :)


Thank you Kindly, Kirsten... Alliterative alliteration almost always amuses.... :) :)


Michelle, good to know you have some help keeping the snow off the walk ways.... I'm with ?nauts... 'Only' 25-30 cm... Would have to buy a whole new wardrobe.... Hope the storm has blown over and your son can get some rest.... :) :)


Great colours and design, SMor.

puzzaddled - I love the way you say you ONLY got 25-30 cm. That's still a lot of snow!!!!


And a lovely hint it is too!


Beautiful colors, great puzzle!


Georgous colors---looks like some of the fractals I've seen. Thanks for the great puzzles and solves.


Beautiful bright butterfly, Bally!! Oops, I'm mean Sally. I got carried away with my alliteration there. LOL


Warm isn't usually too much of an issue with this much snow...when it is very cold, it doesn't snow! I'll have to post a pic of my's buried right now. Looks like it's now down to a dusting and we only got about 25-30cm straight fall (the drifting is what piles it up and it was quite windy.). Funny, I made homemade turkey soup last night and we had encores tonight with my daughter's tater pancakes. My working peeps were let off work early due to traffic conditions and after trying to travel home for several rather hairy hours, were glad to just get in and wind down. Our son was out with his snow blower all day and evening just trying to keep ahead with our and several of our neighbours driveways (with brief forays inside to change outer clothing and dump the soaked in the's been going all day too). cocoa sounds rather good right now...wonder if we've got everything...yup..even have whipped cream and fresh cinnamon and adult additives too! LOL (24 layers of Plumbago exacerbates lumbago...!)


Puzzaddled, puzzaddled!!! Stay warm... Being snowbound is not too bad if you've stocked up on hot chocolate, good soup and your internet stay up..... Thanks for taking time to comment, after 24 layers of Plumbago you must be exhausted.... :) :)


No hand mades yet for publication, Shirley.... I'm getting closer... I've done a few, but not happy with them... Especially after I see yours and foxy's... Picking the right spot for the triangle will click in my head eventually.... And of course picking the right image to start with.... Thank you, Shirley.... :) :)


Ditto, ditto! These is just so bright and cheerful and is what we need up here during this grand snow storm we're in the midst of (still!). Thanks, Sally!


This is beautiful Sally, my first thought was, it's a hand made Kaleido, very cleverly created, and i love the bright colours, Thanks Sally.