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Winter in the South

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Yes, you were blessed annjax, that you and your dogs weren't hurt!


Nana, believe me I did a lot of 'Thank You' praying for a long time afterward. And I still do when I think back on it. I was very fortunate---or blessed.............


Oh my goodness, annjax! I remember there was lightning and thunder with the blizzard. They say that's very unusual! I'm so glad you or your dogs didn't get hurt. A miracle you didn't with all that damage! Thanks for stopping by, annjax!


Hi Nana. That blizzard not only gave us snow here in Jax but tornados also. One of them got me---uprooted one HUGE live oak tree & broke another the same size in two about 13' up. Both landed on top of my house, one on each end (with me in it!) and crushed the roof. Two full grown pecan trees were broken or uprooted and part of a maple tree, too. The puzzle of the Maple tree I posted yesterday was the one it broke a great big limb from. My garage was messed up---never did know where the roof ended up---and totaled my Isuzu turbo Impulse sports car. I had a lot of other damage, too. I lived in a motel for three & a half months, boarded my dogs, & had to go everyday after work to make sure the contractors were re-building it all right. Others had a lot of damage, too, but mine was the worst in my area. What a disaster! But at least I wasn't pregnant! LOL! ...............


Thanks everyone. So glad you see the humor in this! We always joke about it but I never, EVER drive when it's snowing!! My daughter was pregnant and due to have her second child when the blizzard of '93 hit the south. We joked with her that she would just have to 'hold it' until the snow melted! She did!! LOL!!


Just like home ..... Thanks Nana


TOOOOO funny!!!! LOLOL Thanks Nana!


It is fun watching them go fast and land in the ditches. I remember in Texas they fill up the overpasses and only then do they slow down. the nice part is when the snow comes down the roads are empty. When it stops all bets are off.


Please, make it go away! Will be heading south in a few days!!!!


Time to panic!!!


Oh, hahaha! How we Southerners suffer in the snow! I'm ready to meet my maker, are YA'LL?!

Libby, don't forget the beer, hotwings, & kerosene!

Thanx, Nana---good one. This Fla. gal can certainly relate............


HA! Love it!


That's funny, Nana. Thanks!




Thank you, gnt. I'm so glad you liked them!
LOL! javasage, you HAVE to live in the south, too!
Now, jcarroll, some of us can drive in the rain...just not in the snow! LOL!


Good one, Nana! I lived in the south for a while. They can't even drive in the RAIN!


But not before we empty every last grocery store bread and milk shelf south of the Mason-Dixon Line!!! Thanks, this is hilarious! ;-)))


Good pics and great set Nana enjoyed doing all


Thanks, elevanfan!
Sis, you have to live in the south to appreciate this one. LOL!


Ha, ha! So true!