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Dessert anyone? Decorated sugar cookies #1

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49 solves
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You are welcome to all you want Gail! It looks you're able to solve again! Yipee!


I snuck one of them too. It simply melted in my mouth. I didn't mean for it to do that, but it lacked self-control...


Lesley, you're in luck! You'd never know it by the taste, but they don't have any calories!

Barb, I'll ship them right away!

Kirsten! How could you?? Okay, help yourself...I'll just have to make more. LOL

Janine, you won't believe this...but I've actually been working on some puzzles made of chocolate! Hope to be posting them soon.

Glad you enjoyed the cookie Rob! And I'll just make more for Dad!

:))))))) to all!


Oh Yum!!! None left for Dad now!!! Thanks Deborah.

Deborah, I love the soft. Bet it is as good as it looks....thanks for getting my sugar juices excited.....hope I have some


Uh, oh! I think I ate your dad's cookie! Sowwy! But it was your fault. You shouldn't leave them out where I can get to them!! LOL


I'll order a dozen of these please, Deborah. They look so delicious!!! Yummy! :-)))


Deborah, I hope these cookie puzzles have less fattening centres 'cos I seem to have 'eaten' rather a lot!