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Strange... I wonder what this is...

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Snake and pet cat are sniffing each other! Very unlikely


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Wonderful story canoekaw! I also agree with you and Pompom, as people these days are very cruel. I once watched a video where there were people trying to push a donkey off a cliff just for fun! I cried... but this is a fantastic picture and a spectacular puzzle! Thanks!!


Wow! What an amazing story canoekaw. I agree, some people like watching animals in pain and torture for the fun of it. I believe it's one of the most cruel things. Good thing your vet's son saved the bunny! Btw, this isn't my picture, got it from the Internet.

What an amazing photo! I love the trust coming from both sides.


RUN, RUN, RUN Kitty. I agree unlikely but people can be cruel. About a decade ago some KState frat boys had a pet bunny and turned a snake loose to catch and eat it. One guy saw what they were doing and rescued the bunny. It was our vet's son.