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New Grid--Not As Square! (Smaller)

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Lots of people prefer the more artistic, less mathematical looking puzzles, so you're not alone, Rosie! I've always loved the squares and the geometric ones myself, but I've learned to love swirls, and I do like to make a variety of puzzles, so there will be something for everyone, I hope! It does take a long time to color it, but each box is just a click, so it's also very easy, so I can't complain! :-)))


I enjoyed this new grid of yours but must say I like the crazy patterns you get with the circles and butterflies a little bit more. You must have the patience of Job to color each one of those(pointing upward) squares individually. I say bless you--I'd never do it. I'd do the circles though. 3:49


Yes, I was surprised myself when I counted the sides (26x27) and multiplied! I made a new one last night--same grid, but with areas of shades of red, areas of shades of blue, etc., about 5or 6 colors in 4 shades each, with the colors trailing into each other (so not in solid sections). At least it will be different! Thanks, Jan!

Great, Gail! I hope you get everything squared away so that you can really enjoy all your new goodies! Have fun! :-)))


I tried to find my way out, but kept getting lost on all these steps. You should have warned me.

Guess what I got? A new hard drive, new Windows 7 ~ with new Paint, new Outlook. I haven't had a chance to check it out yet because of problems with the installation and numerous phone calls I've had to make to different providers. I haven't even had a chance to reinstall Elements and DrawPlus (god knows how many phone calls and time that's going to take). I'm really looking forward to playing with it. A quick glance tells me it looks completely different from the old Paint.


Seven Hundred and two????? Amazing! Well, I think it was very much worth it. It turned out beautifully! I, too, love the grids. Thanks so much, Pat!!


It wasn't a test, just another way to draw a grid. I guess I use a lot of the same colors (which I know I do, no matter how hard I try to vary them!), and I tend to use contrasting ones next to each other, not 2 shades of the same color, so they do end up looking very similar. I have to try to mix it up more next time, using shades of the same color next to each other, and maybe making some sections all darker and some all lighter, or such, and stretch a little! :-)))


Thanks so much, Lela (I have no clue, but I would say that the rectangles far outnumber the squares), Ardy, Jo, Katie, and Wendy. I'm so glad you all enjoy these grids, because I really have much more fun coloring them than the swirls, since there are so many more sections (this has 702 that I filled in individually!) than a swirl that I can work with! That gives me lots of options for colors and patterns, and I do enjoy that! :-)))


Pat, I don't know if this was a test or not, but it looks a lot like the other one. I checked out the solves and that seems about right. Bright puzzles always do better given that everything else is equal.


This is bold and bright fun Pat! Thanks!


Wow! This was easier! I did 4:03 on the mosaic one, and 3:19 on this one!! Very colorful!! Both were equally fun to work out!! Thankyou for posting!! :)


Aah, now this one is much easier for it is more colorful, organized and sedate. Easier on this old lady's nerves. LOL Thanks, Pat.


What is the ratio of squares to oblongs?.........(I think the public should know).....


I've drawn many, many grids, and 99% of them were squares boxes. This time, I wanted to make it both more challenging (especially in the large size, where the variation in shapes will complicate things!), and more fun to look at. I'm so glad you enjoyed it--thanks, PJ!


Now, this was a challenge, Pat - very interesting composition and fun to solve.