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What Lives in There?

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Have you heard any owls calling at night? They don't seem to call much except in the breeding season, but if there are any around you will eventually hear them. I often sit on my porch in the summer late at night and 'sing' with the neighborhood Barred Owl who lives in the woods across the street. Two summers ago I was blessed to be in concert with FIVE that I could hear---there may have been more at a distance. We sang for several minutes. One of the grandest moments of my life in regard to Mama Nature---I still get chills thinking about it! Good luck---I hope you find one!
And 'pg' is talking about the kind of camera that naturalists use. They have a motion senser that causes the camera to flash & take a photo when it detects movement. You have to place it pointing at the spot you expect your subject will visit___and then hope for the best! :-) .............


Cathy, you may be right. Squirrels can take up residence in tree hollows, as well as in nests up in the branches. I am hoping for owls, though. I want to get a good shot of an owl. It has been a quest of mine for a while now.


Hi laurajane. I'm sorry about that!


You are welcome,'s laurajane and not maryrob. It's easy to get confused!
Funny, Ank.


Lovely Laura. In my next life I come back as bird, and then I can live there. lol


Maybe a squirrel lives there. Thank you for the picture Maryrob. If you find out please let us know because now we are all curious!!


A trail camera? Wassat?


LJ if you want to get a picture of owls in the tree first you have to make sure they are in that tree and then you can use a trail camera which will fire in movement and has a flash on it.


I know! One day I drove down my road and shone a light in the trees as I passed. Well, I must have not been expecting to see anything, because all of a sudden I saw an owl but was going too fast. When I stopped and backed up, he was gone. That was as close as I ever got.


That would be very cool if you could get an owl!


This tree, in the empty lot next to me, is riddled with these large, round holes. I wonder how to capture on camera its inhabitants. I have never seen anything going in or out during the day. Maybe owls live in it! I have been on a quest for a long time to photograph owls. I haven't gotten any yet.


The headless horseman!!!!!!


Another spooky old tree, lyndee!


Could try sticking your hand in there and see what happens! LOL


very nice laurajane