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Bermuda Spiny Lobster for Hanne

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Thanks VM, you're welcome and good luck.


Robbie, thanks for all that info, especially about fried lobster. Have never heard of it before. You are right about lobster being rubber if over cooked. One must pay close attention when cooking them - have everything else ready and then put in t he lobsters. Perhaps I'll get brave and fry some next time they are on sale. Thanks again for all this info.


Hi Jiggy, thanks.

Hi Mimi, that is unbelievable thinking in today's prices!! I doubt whether any restaurant would want lobster on all you can eat menu today! They have the Spiny lobster like ours and yes that would be tasty. Thanks.


When we were first married and lived in Florida we used to eat Florida lobster, very small but very tasty. There was a restaurant in Orlando, can't remember the name, that served "all you can eat" for about $3.25! But that was 56 years ago and I'm sure the price has crept up a tad since then!


YUM!! Thanks, Robbie!


Yes treker, only with a noose, a long pole with a wire noose at the end. You have to be a mile offshore and two per person a day. I cannot use the noose!

Sounds good to me chooks, thanks.

Welcome chickie.

Thank you too Nana.

That is funny Katerin, I was telling folks about my experience with one, very scary for sure!! Thanks.

For sure Graci, thanks.

Just the photo Celeste, he was pretty big. Thanks.

VM and PKH I will answer both of you. I enjoy both lobsters. But there are so many variables, I find that some of the northern lobsters are overcooked and turn rubbery, especially the claw meat. Mostly in high volume tourist restaurants. In Cape Breton I have a lobster fisherman who cooks them up and a couple of other friends and they are really nice. Also when I stopped at lobster pounds in Maine years ago I always had excellent ones. We were brought up with boiled, baked and fried lobster. All are good but nothing compares with fried. We would wring the tails which weighed between 2 and 4 LBS and freeze them uncooked. When we defrosted them the meat pulled right out of the shell easily and whole. Not easy when they are fresh, the meat sticks to the shell and you lose a lot. We cut it into chunks, season with salt, pepper and paprika, dip in beaten egg wash and dredged in Kellogg's corn flake crumbs. Then we fry them in corn oil or mixture of butter and oil very lightly, not deep fried. The lobster cooks quickly and I can tell you tastes delicious! We never heard of anyone doing it like this, it was my great grandfather's recipe and passed down through our family. It is a lot of work, but worth it. Many years ago mom and dad were in Antigua shell diving on holiday. The chef at their small hotel asked if she would show him how to cook some, so she cooked for everybody that night and they put it on the menu afterwards. They exchanged Christmas cards for about 20 years until the owner died.
Sorry my mouth is off again, but I have to say that the most tender and sweet lobster I have ever tasted was in the Orkney Islands north of Scotland and I can still savour the flavour!!

Thanks Jacques mate.

It is PK, thanks.

Good for you Rob, thanks.

You do that Robbos, thanks mate.

Shirley they are slightly darker, the sun was bright and it was barely under the surface, thanks.


THANKS so very much Robbie!! I really would like to have it as a pet but it's a bit complicated!! It's very interesting to see one without the big claws, this is very elegant!! And I have an idea they they taste very well!! Why shouldn't they??


Very pretty colouring, I think I'd perfer the lobsters with the big claws, Thanks Robbie.


I'll get my cooker ready!!!!!


Beautiful!!! I can almost taste it!!


Interesting fellow....


How do these compare to the lobster you get in Cape Breton, Robbie? (Not that I can eat either of them....just being curious!)


cool one whale!


Never saw or ate one of these. I am spoiled by northern Atlantic lobster with their big claws, the best part. I guess if I lived in the south and hadn't had the cold water ones I would appreciate these. They look even creepier than the northern ones. I think it is really cool that you used to spear them when you were a kid. Thanks a lot for sharing.


he looks little
:) great shot Robbie


Looks ready for the pot! Yummy!


Snorkeling is a lot of fun and there are so many interesting things to see there. I especially liked seeing the parrot fish like the one in your previous picture. Saw my first morey eel there too. Scared me something awful and you never saw anyone get out of the water faster than I did that day.


That is so interesting, Robbie. This is making my mouth water! Thanks for a great puzzle.


Thanks for all the details Robbie.


I'm lookin' at my Christmas Dinner minus the prawns!!!!


Can you still "take" them with a license?


Hanne wanted to see one snorkeling but will not be able to until the summer. So you can see it crawling along the shallow channel near our dock. This one looked around 7 or 8 pounds I think. Instead of large claws like the cold water lobsters, it has two spiny whips which helps keep predators away and small feeler claws in the front which feeds it's mouth underneath. The legs taste sweet and tender. The meat is mostly in the tail and has a similar flavour to the cold water one. Growing up we would spear them with lances. That was stopped so we buy them once in a while now.