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A P-N-E 4 U (can you decipher this?)

49 pieces
90 solves
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I'm so glad you got the words, Linda. Jiggy, you should have said N-Q... :))))


I got the CDB, then the PNE - But, the time was miserably slow! Still, I love the peony, so thank you very much, Gail! A pretty puzzle, for sure!!


The trouble I always have had with consonant only words is that the vowels are what make the words sound differently in different parts of the country and the world. I did get this one right away though.A happy start to an otherwise bleak day. Thanks for another terrific puzzle.


Awww! I love peonys. And bought some just last week-end! Although they can very unpredictable. Sometimes they have a delightful perfume. And sometimes they reek. The lot I bought last week-end reeked. Ah, well. Sometimes you can't have everything. LOL


It's very easy, Kirsten. C D B = see the bee. A P-N-E 4 u = a peony for you.

And you're #1 again. Four in a row!!!!


Ah. I see I wasn't even close on deciphering the title! LOL. And no, I don't know the book. I'll just have to console myself with enjoying the puzzle, and let others solve the mystery. Luckily the puzzle was VERY enjoyable. Thanks Gail. :)))


C D B.
D B S N D 3.
L F X N M.
P-T S N N-M-E.


A Pizza Not Eaten 4 You?


Does anyone remember the William Steig book "C D B" from their childhood?