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Thanks for your reply Kirsten. I agree that bright colours always go down well. Also, some puzzles have a predictable 'solving pattern'. I'll keep trying different styles - you never know, they may catch on!


I FINALLY caught up with this lovely, Lesley! And I'm glad I did. Thanks Lesley. :)))

And I'm not sure what advice to give you re your "Birds Flying" puzzle. I think it depends whether you are making puzzles for personal satisfaction, or high solve rates. I guess if it's the former, then go for it. But if it's the latter, it seems to me that your average solver likes bright or pastel/pretty colours and predictable kinds of patterns. Have a look at how well the collages of square of colours and textures do! It did look quite pale in the thumbnail, so maybe it just didn't sing out to people? But what do I know! LOL


Hi Kirsten. Sorry to hear you have to go back to work (all good things have to come to an end!). Yes, Jigidi can be quite time consuming. But enjoyable! See what you think to my Birds Flying In puzzle. It hasn't had a great reception so far and I was wondering whether to pursue that style or not. Well, I had better get some work done (I'm self employed, so work from home).


Just to let you know Lesley, that I'm back at work now. So have way less Jigidi time. :((( But I have bookmarked a bunch of yours and look forward to releasing them soon.