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Meet Esther Leigh

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This is my precious Great Granddaughter, Esther Leigh. I love her so much! She was born Sept. 13. Her parents are my grandson and his wife. We are sooo happy and love her so very much! Isn't she wonderful?


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What a beautiful name for a gorgeous girl, Dottie!!


Esther Leigh is so pretty
please could we have another picture of fer

Where are you?




As Nicepeach2 says Dottie have you a recent photo ?


My sis is a Great Great Grandmother. I won't even go into the the numbers. I've lost count and can't keep up. Besides it's simple when it's just grand kids.


She is beautiful and would also like a picture of her now. Good to see you. Mary


Dixie, do you have an updated picture of Esther Leigh you can share with us? Would love to see her 18 months later...thank you in advance...Sherry :)))


For CJ45:My husband learned german in school as well, but it improoved during our marriage :0)
(So my english did --a kind of :-D)

Is my calculation correct, Esther Leigh is about or near two and half years old.
I love her name. Bev. 2-26-2020


Ha,Ha, solidrock5806 my Grandson is called Morgen (morning) and yes he was born in the morning 21 years ago and can speak German from school.


Forgive me, Dottie, but every newborne is wonderfull :0) Btw: my godchild boy, when he was little, called me Dotti ( he couldn`t say ,,Gotti,, wich is swiss german for godmother :0) )


You are most welcome, Dottie.


You are welcome, Jason. The trees are beautiful! Thank you for posting them.


Once again, thank you Dottie for solving my puzzle of the Jacaranda trees @jasonchung1


I do have one, Sherry. I'll put it on here today.

Dixie, your baby is almost a year you have a recent picture? ... Sherry :)))


You are most welcome, Sherry.

I am happy to be able to give you a clearer understanding of a sealed account according to what I have experienced when trying to do certain things with such an account.

got it...thank you...stay well...Sherry :)))


Thank you for asking, Sherry. I am well :-)

I am happy to answer your question regarding sealed accounts.

A sealed account is an account that has been sealed by Jigidi. The user of this account can no longer create and post puzzles, solve puzzles (his or her own at this account or puzzles posted by others) or reply to comments on this sealed account (or at other puzzle creators' account) though folks can still visit, solve puzzles and write comments at puzzles at the sealed account.

I asked Jigidi to seal @jasonchung1 so that I can keep @jasonchung2 and @jasonchung

@jasonchung1 all the puzzles that I have created from the first day to the last day are still available for solving by others (but no longer by me).

Hello, Jason...hope you are doing have piqued my interest...what is a sealed account, please? ... Sherry :)))


Dear Dottie,

Thank you for solving my puzzle of Jacaranda Trees @jasonchung1 which is now a sealed account. Folks can still solve puzzles at this account of mine and write comments, however, I can only read their comments and cannot post a reply to them from this particular sealed account.

So, I am using my second account @jasonchung to reply to you at one of your puzzles.

Thank you for solving the puzzle and for the compliment. I am very happy that you like the beautiful purple trees which are in full bloom :-)

Best regards, Jason.


Thank you, Ken.

Hi Donna! So sorry I have missed some of your notes. I can't seem to keep up with you lately! We are all doing well and I do hope the same for you and your loved ones. Thank you for your prayers. That means so very much to me! I wish you lived closer to me. Then we could talk as much and as long as we wanted to! Do take care of my sweet friend...YOU! I will be looking for you.


Good morning, Dottie. Haven't heard from you in a LONG time, except a "hello" on one of Haney's posts. :-)) Hope you are well and I do not know where to leave a message anymore so I hope you get this one. I've left messages on this page and on the first picture of the wall hanging so I don't know if you are getting them or not but, if you are, I just wanted to check in and see how you were doing. :-) I wish you well and still keep you in my prayers, my friend. Hope you are enjoying those two great grandkids. :-)) Take care and best wishes, always.


What a great name.


Good morning, Dottie. I last sent a message on the "first picture" on your site and it was on December 22nd and I've been wondering where you were and decided to try this picture and here you are. :-) I saw your new Avatar of Esther Leigh when you wrote to Haney so I wanted to tell you she is SO ADORABLE and beautiful. I know you love her so much and I also know she is wonderful for you and your family. I am sure Nash is growing like a weed too. I hope you and your husband are doing well and enduring these up and down temperatures and rain we have had. We did not get any snow yesterday as predicted and all the schools and a lot of businesses were closed. :-) You know how it is in Alabama. (ha) Take care and wishes for the best for you, my friend.


Oh, Dottie that means she will be crawling soon. How exciting.


Thank you, bevpuzzler8!! You are correct about her age!

Come to think of it she is 4mos. old now. :) Sweet!!!

She is wonderful as is great grandma. Best wishes to all your loved ones. Bev. 1-21-19


Thank you dbnc2 and Cyndi!!


Congratulations on the gorgeous Great Granddaughter. Love the name......Cyndi


what a beauty


Thank you, Mary! So good to 'see' you! Hope you're having a great New Year, too!


What a precious and beautiful girl. I know you are so happy. It has been a long time since I have seen you and hope you have a great New Year. Hugs, Mary


Thank you, Ken!!


Hello Donna! All is well here and I Hope you are well and happy! How is the weather up your way? It's okay here, just a little 'nippy' but nice after our long hot summer! Yes, it would be heavenly to live closer to our grands, but wishing won't make it so. Haha! Is that a song? Stay well, my friend! Big hugs back to you!


Hello Esther you're a mighty fine looking young lady.


Just checking in again to say "hello." I know that every chance you get, you are enjoying that sweet Nash and adorable Esther Leigh. I just hate they live so far away, at least Nash does. These days, one hour seems like a lot but it does go by pretty quick IF ONE DOES NOT HAVE TO GO THROUGH ATLANTA TRAFFIC. (ha) Been there, done that, in a pouring rain. Not fun. :-) Hope you and your husband are doing well. Hugs, my friend.


Thank you, dbnc2!


she is beautiful


Thank you so much, Haney! I love her name, too.


You're welcome, 6toedcats! You are correct, she is a little angelic bundle of joy! :)


Dottie, I am getting in late. Thanks for sharing your lovely bundle of joy. What a beautiful name! Haney :-)


Thanks for sharing your angelic bundle of joy! :)


Thank you, Bev! Yes, the traffic in Atlanta is horrendous (did I spell that right?) :D

Hi Dottie. I just read your response to Bob. You mentioned traffic in Atlanta. Years ago, my husband would begin the drive to Florida. When he had enough I would take over and usually I would be the one in the Atlanta bypass, and that was a struggle for me, but I'd get through it.
The good days gone. I love this adorable bundle too. Bev. 9-3018


Thank you, "the other Donna"...haha! Yes, they grow up so fast. Nash is already 9 months old. Where does the time go??

Thank you, Bob! I think she's adorable, too. Just wish both of our great grands lived closer. Esther lives about an hour away...that's not too far. But Nash is about 3 or 4 hours away. Depending on how much traffic we run into in Atlanta. It's usually a lot!!


What a great way to brighten a Sunday, Dottie! She's so adorable!!


Oh, Dottie, what a beautiful and precious little girl. I know you are so happy to have her and hold her and love her. You have loved and posted pictures of Nash (who is a doll himself) and now you will have to take time about with the two of them. (ha) Maybe you will get a chance to get a picture of BOTH of them together and use it as your Avatar. :-))) Congratulations to all of you, my friend and enjoy her every chance you get because, as we all know, children grow SO FAST. Hugs and prayers for you and your family. Signed -- the "other" Donna. (ha)


Thank you, Donna. I have two great grand babies. My great grand baby boy was born last Christmas Day. He is the one in my Avatar. I'll have to give Esther a turn in the avatar now. :)


She's a cutie for sure. Congratulation, Dottie. how many great granbabies do you have now?


Deanna, thank you for this wonderful sentiment!!


Dottie thank you for an amazing photo of your little Esther, so much happiness in your family. I wish your granddaughter a happy and beautiful life and for you all a lot of joy and love :))


Thank you, Robin!! I agree...Nothing better!
Thanks, Ken. You are right...They grow up too fast!


Wooo Hooo, Congratulations. She'll be up and running in no time.


congrats on your good news too will have a wonderful time with the new baby..after all what is better than another "grand"......I wish I could have more.....good wishes to you all..........robin


Oh my! There are no friends anywhere as sweet and kind as our Jigidi friends! Thank you all so much for your kind and loving comments. I have to agree with each one of you...she is wonderful and such a blessing to our family! ༻♡༺ hugs to you all ༻♡༺
Thank you Wendy, Clive, Bev, and brightspark!!


Congratulations and blessings all the way down your family ♥♥


A Warm welcome to you sweet esther leigh what a lovely name xx i know how proud you are sweet dixie : smiling from ear to ear ☺☺☺ - us too - our israeli grandson was born on the 18th if september - brother to Raveh who turned 3 the very next day ~ 19 september and their mommy has a birthday on the 26th xxx we will be going over mid october to mid november and We cannot wait !! Love and hugs to everyone here xx will be posting a pic soon xxx

Beautiful Esther Leigh. Who wouldn't be happy with this bundle of Joy? I am happy for you and your family. Bev. 9-23-18


Ho Dottie such a bundle full of joy how exciting for you all. Hi, Esther Leigh you do not know me and sadly never will but I hope you will enjoy your time on our beautifull planet as I still do.


Oh my, she is absolutely gorgeous. You must be just busting your buttons. My granddaughter's birthday is Sept. 29, she will be 22. The time goes so darned fast so hang on to her babyhood as long as you can. September seems to be a very popular month, those Christmas and New Years babies!!! My daughter, granddaughter, her late father and my brother are all September. Wow!!! Enjoy your great granddaughter.............Wendy


Cappy, I checked to see if I missed anyone and I'm so sorry, I missed your comment! Thank you so much for your lovely sentiment.


Oh me! What wonderful friends. Sorry, I'm just getting back to the computer.
Thank you all for these wonderful comments! I'll come back here and read them several times, I'm sure!
Thank you: Jason, Pat, Dee, Sharon, Nev, teamac, Robin and Bonnie! Y'all are the BEST!!


Beautiful, may she have a happy, healthy, wonderful life :)

Congratulations :)) :))


she is just a beautiful "bundle" dixie....I love babies....this looks like a christening dress...was this the day she was christened??....or just dressed up for the camera....wonderful treat for you all...thanks for including me.......robin


Welcome Little One...she is beautiful ☺♥


Esther Leigh is gorgeous, Dottie. Thanks for sharing.
We do appreciate the tag, Nev/Marge/Barry Koala, Down Under. ♥♥♥


Welcome, Esther Leigh. What a pretty little baby and what a pretty name. Wishing you many blessings and congratulations to Mom and Dad and your beautiful great grandma.


A precious treasure for sure.


Just gorgeous .. What a bundle of joy .. Love her dark hair .. Congratulation Dottie .. Mine is due in November ..


Hello Esther, welcome to a family who loves you dearly.

Congratulations Dottie and congratulations to Esther's parents, too.

Best regard, Jason.


Thank you, Bob! I just thought the Bev-O was a type-O. HaHa! Sometimes I'm not too swift!! :)


Yeah, Dottie. It's amazing what one little smiling face can do for a family. And she is just an angel! So precious! I don't know why I originally thought this was Bev's post. But happy days! You deserve good news. ~


Thank you, Cyndi!

Thanks Irene, I agree. She makes our whole family happy! :)

Isn't it wonderful, Cuz? We are so blessed!! Can't wait to see the puzzle you make.


She's excellent! Look at all these new babies in our lives, Cuz. I think I'll do a puzzle of the twins and Peanut.


She is gorgeous !!! Thank you for showing it to us. Let her be very healthy and just make you happy


What a gorgeous little angel! Love her name. Congratulations.......cyndi


Thank you elina65! :)


Thank you everyone. We are on cloud nine these days. Two Great Grands within a year!! God is so good! I appreciate all of your wonderful comments. Hope I don't miss anyone...
Thank you and love you all...
Rebecca, Dawn, Iris, Bobbie, Bob, Fishes, Jeri and Judy!!


Congratulations, .. she is perfect ♥


She's beautiful, Dottie! Thanks so much for sharing her with us. Congratulations to you and the rest of the family! I have a little cousin named Esther Beatrice. Funny how they're using old names now. If y'all get tired of her, I would take her in a heartbeat! ;-)


What a cutie pie.. ❤️




Aww... OMG!! She's so precious! What an adorable little person! How's mom? and Dad? She is just so perfect! Congrats Bev-O! And what a great name, too! Are you proud? Hmm? Aww... She's just so perfect!


What a beautiful baby, I love her name. Such a sweet blessing.☺♥♥


So precious and I love her name. Grins and Smiles! ☺♥☺


So sweet! I just love those little grunts that newborn babies make. Wish I could give her a cuddle.


Be sure to get pictures of all the generations together, so she can look back and see the joy. :)


Thank you, Dave. You are right about that.
Thank you so much Ardy!
Thank you Pam! I agree about her name. Her parents wanted a Bible name for her and chose Esther. I like it, too! :)
Thank you very much, Fran.
Thank you so much, Sherry!

She's just lovely Dixie...congratulations!!! ... Sherry :)))


Esther Leigh is adorable. Congratulations to the family.


She is precious, Dottie. ♥︎☺︎♥︎
Esther Leigh is a beautiful name. ☺︎
Thanks for sharing. ♥︎


Adorable, sweet, precious, priceless, and so many other words but none can really describe a beautiful new life. Wishing the family all the best. Thanks for sharing, Dottie.


Peaceful looking baby, Dottie, the future!


I will Dottie! :))


Joe, I hope I haven't missed anyone. You are the expert at this so let me know if I have. Thanks!

very beautiful, little girl thank you for sharing.


You're very welcome!! What a joy!! :))

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