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Rovinj, Croatia

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: )




Isn't it funny the things we tell children to keep them from being scared? We used to tell the children that the thunder that the angels were bowling.

I will have to look at a full description of the Memphis Meltdown and see if I can find something similar here. : )


Yes, that's the one. They are delicious, they really are. They were on special last week at our local SM, I only buy these ices in summer, Len really likes them. The MM is sort of caramelly and crunchy too. I'll get them again. Hope you can find them over there Aishahm.

How awesome about this special baby, he will be smiling and talking now and generally being a real joy to his parents I'm sure. What a blessing indeed!

We had some rain early this evening, not enough to do any good, though the weather tonight said there could be rain and thunder too. I love thunder! When our chn were smaller and there was lightening, they were afraid, and we used to tell them it was God taking photos with a flash camera, thunder was a party in heaven:-) the things we tell our children to allay their fears eh! Its 11:07pm and I might go off to bed, it's very early for me, but I am very tired tonight.

Nos Dda - Phyllis


Our 14th grandchild was born at the end of November (the original due date was January 17th), only the second grandson. He was a bit of a surprise as his mother was 37 when she got pregnant and had been told many years ago that she would never be able to have children. What a blessing.

Do tell about this Memphis? I tried to google it and could only find the Memphis Meltdown. Are they one and the same? I've most certainly never had one of those.


It's the first Aishahm, you're doing well to have four:-) my parents had 23 by the time they had both passed away, and 19 grandchn. They certainly are a blessing aren't they!

Another [English] Jigidi friend said in an em today, that she has the miniature Daffodils and Irises flowering. It's hot again here and we've just had a shower:-( not enough to do any good however. I'm eating a chocolate covered ice cream block, called Memphis, as I write this. I know you will be longing for spring, it's on it's way, my friend...


Congrats, Phyllis. Is this the first great-grandchild? If so, welcome to the club. We had our 4th great-grand last month. : )

It snowed again here, but thankfully not enough for a snow day. We've had too many. I'm actually eagerly awaiting spring for once.


Hi Aishahm and you too Kate... I've been a tad busy with lots of visitors and exhausted by the end of the day, so haven't been on Jigidi for a couple of days, and I am a great grandmother now, our new baby girl was born on Tuesday am, weighs 8lbs 10oz, named Kylani Rose. I think I told John Kylie Rose, I shall have to correct that.

It is so hot here tonight, autumn is struggling to take over I think:-) Hope you are both well.


It is a beautiful place, bevpuzzler8. And I'm sorry to hear that no one has ever answered your comments. I try my best to always answer comments as I appreciate those who take the time to work my posts and comment on them. Thank you. : )

You are welcome it is the first time anyone ever answered a comment.
My heritage is Croatian that is why I picked this photo.


Thanks, bevpuzzler8. : )

Beautiful scene.
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