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Last of the Horse Race Pics ~ Hope You All Enjoyed Them!

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Ha ha, I just saw that this puzzle was never published! Not sure how or why I did that, but here it is anyway.


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Thanks Clive & LauraJane. I try hard not to let it get me down, & know that getting frustrated & depressed only makes it worse. That's why I love Jigidi, I have found so many wonderful friends like you, who keep me too happy to ever get the blues! (Well, rarely anyway, LOL!)


I am so sorry to read about your illness, PuzzleG.


Hi Gina, sorry to hear you suffer badly, but keep your "chin" up, as we say here.


Thank you Jan, Sparkles, BERNINE & Clive, we had lots of fun & excitement. Oldest Daughter & I went to the horse races a few years ago, but hadn't been back since til this time. Thank you for the encouragement, Clive. I'm blessed in not having to pay for my surgery, since I'm on what we call "SSI" (Supplemental Security Income), total disability. I have a genetic collagen defect called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome that has caused osteoarthritis in most of my joints. I've had arthritis for many years now, & it has turned into Degenerative Joint Disease in some joints, especially my knees & hips. I've had both knees & my left hip replaced, so the left hip will "complete the set", LOL! Last October I dislocated my left shoulder while sneezing (of all things!), & I'm now having trouble with both it & my right shoulder. Just something I deal with on a daily basis.


Thanks Gina, good to see you fun day out. Hugs. ♥


lovely pic gina xx looks like fun xxx hugs to you and clive and bernine too xxxx


Gina this is wonderful thanks


I see you all had a good day and that sky is certainly blue in all the pictures.
Keep reducing the weight Gina, only two stone to go.
Do you have to pay for your operation?

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