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Amsterdam, Capital of the Netherlands.

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Funny I was at your puzzles at the same time you was her. Love the idea.


Hi Ank. So you are shovelling snow! Here in Vancouver it is 7C and dry today. Many people are not even wearing their winter jackets any more. In Ontario and Quebec (Eastern Canada) they had a lot of snow!!


Hi Cathy, I ee you loved her story too. Yes this is a beautiful pic, thanks.
I think you did not have snow. Am I right? I had a lot shovel work.


What a wonderful picture!! Thank you Ank. ( and thank you Denise for the neat story!!)


It is friends, I never saw it in real but it is beautiful. Graciela, an other lovely avatar.


This is a gorgeous hotel, Ank! Wonderful!!! Thanks so much!


Beautiful picture Ank!


Hi Sandy Jan Hanne and Monica. It is the Europe hotel, I don't think there are governement offices Jan, the governement of NL is in Den Haag, not in Amsterdam. Denise (Bentleyd) has been in this hotel. Monica Amsterdam is a bit more as 100 miles from me. Thanks friends.


This is so very big and so impressive Ank! How far is the Capital from where you live? If you don't mind my asking that is!...Monica


Ohhh, impressing!! Thanks so very much, Ank!!


this is super big. What all is inside besides government offices?


It makes a wonderful reflection in the water.


A beauty indeed girls, did you read Denise's (Bentleyd) comment, she has been there. Thanks


A gorgeous place thanks Sis


Beautiful building. It almost looks like a huge ship!


Wow, that is one stunning looking Hotel and what a wonderful view of the canal.


Good morning Denise and hi again Jana. Denise you are right it is the Europe Hotel. I love your story, but you was to young to make a fool of youself. It's what kids do. Thanks for telling.


Hotel Europe looks very nice, unlike Denise, I've never been there, thank you Ank.


Morning Ank:-) I have not done the puzzle yet but it looks like the Europe Hotel. When you sit in the dining room which is the bottom floor, you feel you are sitting on the canal. I also made a fool of myself there. I was with my Dad and maybe 7 or 8 years old, there was a knock at our door and parcel had arrived from one of my dad's business associates. On a beautiful silver tray were two Dutch dolls in national costume, I was thrilled and thanked the waiter and took the silver tray.
My dad quietly gave back the tray and said nothing and only after the waiter had left told me what I had done. Have a lovely day Ank and thanks for the memory:-)