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Sid - A Friday 13th Miracle

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Most of you know of Sid and have followed his progress since he arrived, homeless, covered in sore patches and clods of fur hanging from his body, on my garden sofa nearly two and a half years ago.
Well, yesterday (13th) the most amazing thing happened - something I have wished for since he became my established 'stray'.
A couple of weeks ago my friend Kate thought Sid was Donald and stroked him.
He didn't flinch or run away - WOW! He loves it and has even started a snuffly purr.
Last night he was in the sitting room on the chair and when I sat on the sofa he came and SAT BESIDE ME!!
So I now have double joy - new kittens and a new Sid!
He and Donald have become the best of buddies. For the first time I saw Sid batting Donald's ping-pong ball across the kitchen floor. Maybe Donald is bringing out the kitten in Sid.
Happy days indeed!


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One of the best moments with Sid in nearly three years.


How wonderful, Bren. Excitement & happiness indeed!


Leni - er ist ein großes Liebes Bündel



Oh GG - the Reuben at Culvers...delicious!
Faye - I really think Donald has been the making of Sid - they play together in the garden but Sid, even though he is twice the size of Donald, always steps back - especially at the food bowls.


Good on ya, Sid!!! :DDD

P.S. Maybe, since the arrival of the little ones, Sid feels he has to attract a little attention around there! LOL


Oh that's right...I had forgotten Jim was there with you guys as well. I did meet him once. Hard to believe that it'll be time for Bobby's to close for the season soon! There is always Culvers, though! Have fun with your kitties.


Yes Morris went out for the day with us - and Jim Carroll. We had a brilliant day - had lunch at Cracker Barrel and then ice cream at Bobbies in Maryville. Brilliant. I hope to get over again sometime though we are hoping to get to Australia and New Zealand next year (it depends on the selling of our other flat in the south).


YES please call me GG! I am trying to find out if and how I can add that to my Jigidi name so others will use it too! I think I was out of town when you were in Maryville last time. Wasn't Morris here at that time as well? I got to meet him when he was here before, and hope to meet you at some point!


Thank you GG (if I may call you that) - happiness has fur and paws!
I didn't realise that you live so close to Laura Jane! Why did we not meet when I was last over in Maryville?
Laura is coming to stay in November (we will actually be celebrating Thanksgiving here where my friends who run the local hotel, Kim is from Nebraska so they have a Thanksgiving Dinner! We went last year - it was wonderful - I hope Laura enjoys it too.) I am so excited about having her come to stay - and Lorna (going silver is coming to stay too - a great get together!)


This is great news, Brie! So happy for you and your kitty family!


Indeed - and I would never ever give up on her. Just like Sid, it's on her terms.


Well Brie1648, guess we should be grateful for what we do get!!! Wendy


Oh Wendy - that sound like my Lily. If I get a 15 second cuddle I'm lucky - then it is usually a grab with the claws or a 'bite'. We have lived together for 4+ years and still she is the same. I love her so much but she is just is like a taut piano wire. I can pick her up - with much griping - and then she will purr and snuggle then - whoosh, gone, had enough. Heavy sigh...


For goodness sakes! I finally caught my little JJ this afternoon, and I must have cuddled her for about 1/2 hour, and she was purring. Then I just kind of let her get down on her own. And I always talk to her. I went to pick her up again and no way. I just don't know how to make her realize I only want to cuddle her!! Wendy


I hope so, Willy. He is such a big softee - how glad I am that the down side of his life is finally over.


That is so nice, Brie..He finally realized that he has a good life.


Thanks Irene - I know you would do exactly the same.


Your patience has been awarded Bren.


Thank you one and all.
What pleases me more than anything is that he knows he has somewhere warm and safe, particularly as winter is coming.
When I think back to where he spent his first winter and all the cheap duvets from Ikea and blankets from charity shops and huge sheets of tarpaulin and a heater
to where he is now - that is heart-warming in the extreme.


That is great news Bren!


How WONDERFUL Bren! Clever boy Sid; it is heart-warming to see him enjoying all that he so richly deserves.


His eyes...


In Isreal 13 is a good number.


And who thought Friday the 13th brought bad luck ??? I DID !!! But not any more !!! What a sweet little guy Sid is !!! Look at his little face !!!! I know exactly how you felt, when Sid decided to come and sit beside you for the very first time !!!! Happy days, indeed, because from now on he will come on a regular basis - perhaps not every day, but he certainly built up his trust in you by now - wonderful !!
A big hug for Sid !!!


I love happy endings!! Wonderful story!


Thank you everyone!! Still a long way to go and he is still wary when we are outside in the garden but everyday is a bonus. It is always on his terms - not mine. He is just a HUGE lump of love!
Next will be getting him into the basket to get to the vets for his injections. That'll be fun - especially as the one and only time we caught him and took him to the vet he came back minus his 'bits'!
By the way - the kittens are fine! Dudley is a lot bigger than Poppy and they can both eat for England!


What a wonderful story, it had me in tears. I so wish my two would cuddle. Have had them since they were kittens. My big Scrappy cat will cuddle when I go to bed, but my little JJ, and can hardly get near her. She will sleep on the bed, too, but at the bottom where I can't reach her. I long for them to sit on the couch with me. Sid is a gorgeous cat, really quite regal looking.............Wendy


You are very kind to have adopted him.He is a beautiful cat. :)

Just give them time.... they respond to LOVE!!! I have 3 sisters, 1 outgoing and 2 reclusive. Sweet Robin Rene, it took me 3 months to stroke her head and 8 months to get her inside. Now she is as been in 5 years and sees me waking up and runs for snuggles. Try picking her up, nope, but I can reach down and pet her. Unheard of in days past. Before I brought her in Christmas Day 2012, she lived with my neighbor, within 24 hours of changing her name she knew it and looked around. She and her sisters were born under a shed of another friend and the mom disappeared and that is one of the reasons She & Mitu are so skittish, lovable if they TRUST you but Skittish! Bottom line, Brie, with some of these kiddos it takes years!!!
Consider it a HUGE Victory that will get BETTER, for you & Sid!!! Congrats!


Such a sweet are so patient and calm. Cats seem to be drawn to calm and caring.


so cute


Aww, nice one!


Wow!! Great news!!