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Floral Fantasy!

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Don't laugh, but I have NEVER been to the southwestern part of the Oregon Coast. All the rugged craziness and most of the dunes are mid-coast to north coast. So what you were seeing would have been new territory for me, too There are many more visitors up north and I'll bet the lighthouses would have been open at least at some point.
If you ever get here again, ask me, I'll tell you where to go and may even show you some things! It is a wonderful place to visit - in summer, or winter. We will be taking our daughter (who's been in S. Korea for 2 1/2 years) to the coast for 5 days starting March 3. We can hardly wait. I know all kinds of places where you hardly ever encounter other people and yet they are gorgeous! I'll bet there are rocks all over the place.

I am glad you shared your story, but wish it could have been more fun. Beachcombing can be so much fun. My dad has actually found those glass fishing balls that were used extensively by Japanese fishermen years ago. In fact we just had more debris (a large dock) wash up from the Japanese tsunami 2 years ago!

Thanks for sharing!! :D

p.s. Congratulations to Spencer! I LOVE corgis. My husband loves them even more!


Hi, Jan!
Thought I would give you a little more detail about my Oregon trip, back in 2002.
I had taken Susan's corgi, Spencer, and dropped him off with the breeder so she show him and get his championship(which she did). Susan said to stay in Oregon for a week or more looking for rocks or sightseeing. I really didn't want to do it by myself but I agreed. Susan's dog breeder said I MUST go see the coast, the lighthouses and the beaches.
Off I went. I arrived in Eureka, looked around and then went to the lighthouse, right at closing time. No problem. Lots of lighthouses all down the coast. I indulged in some delicious seafood and since it was nearly dark, spent the night in a motel.
I drove down the coast, stopping frequently and taking some video to show Susan. I had forgotten my regular camera not even thinking I would need it. I think it was a Monday because all the light houses were closed.
I camped at Edison campground on the Sixes river that night.
The next day, I went to Cape Blanco lighthouse and it was so foggy, I couldn't see a thing and the lighthouse wasn't open for 2 more hours.
I didn't have any cooking utensils or food, so I went south looking for a Burger King or Waffle House.
After picking up breakfast, I drove south a little farther and stopped and ate my meal at a pullout. Then I walked down to the beach, and discovered tons and tons of small peebles all neatly arranged next to the outgoing tide! I stuffed my pockets, then went back to the truck, dumped them and went back for more. So I got to collect rocks after all.
And those rocks that I posted today was just a few of them.
I never got to see the inside of any Oregon Lighthouse!
Next time! LOL!


Absolutely not! I call that red! A beautiful red! Well, maybe there is a touch of an orangish hue, but not much!
I do LOVE it, anyway! Please post it!!!!!!!


This one isn't going on the open market yet... it has to wait its turn but does it have enough orange, sis?


Hanne, I believe one of the layers WAS glass! Thanks so much!

Kirsten - It was fun to do...I am doing some kinds of layering now! Thank you!


It's gorgeous!! Thanks so much Jan! :)))


Looks like glass somehow!! Thanks so very much Jan, it's very lovely!!


Ardy - thank you so much! The framing was extra fun!

Pinknblack - this really is pink, isn't it? I hadn't seen the goldfish, but you are right!

Katie - thanks so much, I tried a couple of different effects on this one. Glad you liked it!


So delicate and pretty! Thanks Jan!


YUM! This one just tickeled me pink. It reminds me of a group of gold fish all swimming to the middle. Beautiful. Thanks.


Really beautiful. Thank you, Jan. The black background really makes the pink, pinker if possible. I like the framing too. Thank you for a beautiful start on a Monday.


Sissel - What a sweet thing to say. Thank you so very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Thanks so much, Michelle. That one is going to be gorgeous to solve!! Beautiful.

And thank you for your comments here as well. I am so glad you liked it!


Fantasy but beautiful - thanks for sharing :-)

puzzaddled for you, my dear.

This is gorgeous!, not orange!