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1980 Ford Durango rear

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Cool, Fun, thanks Brad.


No, I'm not shocked. I've come to expect that this form of trucklette can be very comfortable and useful too. Look at my avatar: a 2005 Subaru Baja. Can haul smallish loads to the dump/recycling center, can pull a utility trailer with larger loads. And a superior kayak launch vehicle. Don't have to have all the wet smelly kayaking gear inside like a station wagon, I can air it out in the open bed on the way home from the take-out. I like the looks, too!


sorry Dennis, that sounded like a keeper.


Hello Pat, I had a couple of the El Caminos, one of which was the SS 454,, it would really go and I really loved that machine,,, alas I had to move to a regular truck, they wouldn't haul much..


thanks fyreline, and Brad.
Brad, why were you surprised to see Durango in the same description with Ford? Did they make a Chrysler Durango? OOooooo,,, I see, I looked it up,,, Dodge Durango... ha ha... I get it now. Guess Ford let it's rights on the name run out? ha ha.

fyreline, I did read that,,, only one prototype built on Mercury and all the rest of the production models built on '80 Fairmont.... most of them ended getting made in '81.... funny history. especially for a disappearing model... those new little Japanese pick up trucks just took over the market. The little Fords and the little Chevys didn't do so well in the market against the Japanese. Ford and Chevy did do much better supersizing and elaborating on the full size pick ups. The comfort levels was just what the American public wanted. They have been out selling everything else for years. So much for the car trucks,,,,,,, now just buy a truck as comfortable as a car.

So, the Fairmont was cute, but how useful as a truck? not so much so. .... so back to the '51 Ford Ute... ,,,,, or the '69 El Camino 454? or the '69 Ranchero 429? I did own a '78 Ranchero 400. It was a very classy Brougham.
Now that will also shock Brad,,,, a Brougham truck.... ha ha.


Ford and Durango in the same description? No Way (I thought). Everyday is another learning experience. Nice looking; good puzzle.


One of the aftermarket Durangos we discussed in the 1959 Ranchero thread - I thought you might post one and you did not disappoint. You must admit it isn't a bad-looking vehicle - even if it is a Ford Fairmont underneath it all. Oh, well.

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