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Kaleidos made from ...... Bright and Bold Dichroic Glass!! ~Barb's Favourite

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This is Barb's favourite from a 3x3 collage of kaleidoscopes made from dichroic glass, that I posted on 30 November. I make my kaleidoscopes and collages using freely available images and a variety of programs. A 3x3 collage usually takes around 2 hours to make.

It gives me immense pleasure making them, and I hope it gives you pleasure solving them. :-)


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I thought it was Cornflower blue too, Hester!! Great minds.................. :)))


Thanks Katie. :)))

And yep, finally some respite. Although I don't think it's going to last long. They're talking about it cranking up again next week. Boo hiss. LOL


It DOES, doesn't it Gail? Edie thinks I could claim that as being deliberate for this weeks theme! LOL :)))


Thanks Anne! And, yes, it's cooled off nicely thank you very much. Last night was 13 degrees, as opposed to the 30 of the night before!! Whew!! :)))


I LOVE what you see in my puzzles, Gwen!! What an AMAZING imagination you have. Thanks for sharing your "visions". :)))


Lots of penguins! Mums around the outside keeping an eye on their little green babies. This is a stunning cornflower blue Kirsten. :-))


The colors in this are stunning! Thanks Kirsten! So glad you've gotten a break in your weather!


It looks like an animal print in the orangy layer, Kirsten. Fun puzzle:)


Pretty colours as well as a lovely pattern. Thanks Kirsten. Should be cooler your way now, came in early hours this morning here. Great sleeping tonight thank goodness.


I can see really grumpy, frowning faces with grinning frogs between them in the orange ring!!! I can see the little penguins in the outer ring, too.


I'd be tempted to try another browser, and see if it makes a difference, Edie. If it does, you might want to go back to your normal browser and try clearing your browsing history, and reloading Jigidi from scratch. I'm pretty sure that's what the advice was from Jigidi, when it happened to me, and it sorted it out. But if it's just internet problems, I hope it passes soon. :)))


No, I'm not sure Kirsten but this is rural internet and I often have problems with it. It says 'preparing puzzle' and then stops half way and just stays there. I got the last one now, which to me was the hardest. thanks


Are you sure it's the internet, Edie? There has been problems in the past with the Jigidi site, and certain web browsers. Whatever it is, I hope it passes soon. :)))

Love what you see in this one, specially the leopard skin! I would LOVE to claim that as deliberate for theme week. But alas, you know me too well! LOL


Thanks Sally!! I LOVE kaleidoing glass. The colours and the textures are fabbo! Gald you enjoyed it too. :)))


My internet is really acting up this morning and it's taking forever for the puzzles to open so I thought I'd comment while I'm waiting. I see penguins as well but mine are in the outer circle and they have big googily eyes and they are blue not green. Also this is a good one for theme week because to me the middle ring looks like leopard skin, which I know is unintentional because God forbid that you would blend anything that resembles an animal, LOL. Thanks Kirsten, great set. Hope I can get to the last one.


A real pearler... The glass gives this a spekkie shine... Thanks Kirsten..... :) :)


Thanks Ardy! I'm glad Barb chose it too. And we have had a break in the weather - thankfully. Tonight is going to get down to 13 (55), as compared to last night's 30 (86)!! So, no need for camping tonight. The mattress is back on the bed again. Yay!! And we're going to have a few comfortable days, but it's going to build up again in the next week. Dammitall!! I wish we had your rain. We've had the driest summer on record!! Anyhoo, I'll be grateful for small mercies, so will revel in a comfortable break.

Hope you have a good day. ((HUGS))


It is a lovely shade of blue and my favorite of these four. I'm glad Barb chose it. I think there are baby penguins standing around the central blue flower but something has turned their bodies green. Anything seems to be possible in Fantasy Kaleido land. Thanks, Kirsten When will you get relief from this heat wave? We had heavy rain but for a brief time followed by sun and a fairly pleasant day yesterday. I know it's a bit early but now's my time to wish you a good night (camping in the lounge room again?) with sweet dreams. Loving and very well-chilled hugs on the way. ((BRRRRHUGS))


I'm really glad you chose it too, Barb! And you've got another blue one all to yourself in tomorrow's set too!! :)))


I'm so glad I chose this one, Kirsten, as no one else did, and it deserves another look simply for the blue background alone. Add to it the beautiful kaleido and I think it's a winner. :-) Okay, on to the last of your puzzles.


It's a great shade, isn't it? Reminds me of cornflowers. :)))


LOVE that blue!!!