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something bright to celebrate the arrival of my first grandchild

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How wonderful Denise!! Many many congratulations from me :)
New life is so beautiful ~ please post some pics for us all to share your joy :)
Oh and this puzzle was such fun, thank you :)


Thanks all for your lovely comments.Yes I live close to my grandaughter so I will see her regularly which is wonderful.

Now you know! Having a grandchild is the major reason I refrained from killing my children when they were young. Thanks for the great celebratory puzzle.


I hope your dear grandchild (boy or girl?) is close to you so that you will be able to visit a lot. :) Best wishes on the new "season" of grandparent-hood!


How sweet. Take photos and make us puzzles to share your joy.


Congratulations, Denise!!! How wonderful! My first 2 were born just a year ago, so I remember the excitement--all my love and best wishes to you and the baby and all of your family! :-)))