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Lilac buds

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I hope so, Gene!
Soon pumpkin!


Such a nice close up of something i have YET to see here!!!


wont be long for yours to have blossoms all over


Hopefully it gets some nice blooms this year, tex!
Thanks for sharing your memories and the link, rose!


You have me thinking, Morris.

Wow, all I remember was that there was a festival. I only remember the title. My memory is of walking to work along streets, back streets at that, lined with lilacs, and the soft breezes and perfumed air. ; ) I have no idea what went on with their festival. In fact, I wondered if there was such a thing, so I googled it and this year's is early June, 7th - 16th. ; )


Morris, we can't grow Lilacs here, but there is a house not far from where I live and they have a Lilac bush that's several years old and it looks about like the Azalea in my yard that I posted yesterday! Very sickly and puny looking, so I'd rather not have one than have it look like that. I love them, though. My sister in Arkansas always had them in her yard and the smell is delightful. Thanks for posting this one, can't wait to see it in bloom.


It's all good, chickie! At least I know that they are being enjoyed!
Could be, li! The way it is going!


Can't wait for ours! (Probably August -- lol) Nice photo, Morris.


Nice neighbors morris. LOL


That's what a neighbor of mine does, chickie.
These are purple, aggie. I really do like the white ones, but I do not have any!


I'd like to have (just) one morris. I want to carry my pruners in the car so I can stop and run into somebodies lawn and snip a few for a vase. LOL


Just one, Laura!
You'll get there, Patti!!
Thanks, Pat!
I bet that it was a great time, rose! I bet that the festival is beautiful!!


Oh, you have reminded me of the spring lilac festival on Mackinac Island.

Pretty to see, and a quiet festival with no autos. What an interesting 3 months that was, working on that Island. ; )


Great picture ....


You're ahead of me Morris! Nice!


Do you have many lilac bushes on your property, morris?


Thanks, chickie. They sure do smell nice.
You all can have your azalea war, just wait until I start posting lilac, pics. And no, I am not starting a contest.


Nice shot and you are so lucky to have lilacs. Bet you can't wait to bring some blooms in the house.