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From the attic

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I have been on Jigidi very little in the last few months and have had some testing already done. A recent ultrasound found some nodules on my thyroid, which will necessitate a biopsy to make sure they're not malignant. I don't know when that will occur, and might know more on Tuesday after my doctor's visit. In the meantime, it takes all the energy I can muster to just keep bookmarking puzzles in the hope that in the next century or two I'll be able to solve some of them.

Again, as usual, I won't be able to respond to many comments.


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Its good to pass any health info on that I can vouch for myself :) btw - I recently learnt that fluroide has a nasty impact on the thyroid, so one thing you can easily check on is if your water supply is fluroidated and if so, get a water filter and take it out. Can't do you any hard anyway, to remove it and well worth your health. Plus start taking iodine drops - (2 or 3 a day should be enough), to unblock any possible chemicals that have attached to your thyroid (in particular bromide). And Up your intake of garlic (preferably raw), tumeric, ginger and other bleckie spicy things, oh and brocolli sprouts and red clover sprouts! that all boost your immune system and help prevent (and if needed, kill) cancer cells. Good luck :) Big Hugs. Glenys


Thanks very much for the information, Glenys. I think I'll cross that bridge if I get to it.


Thank you Gail - for tonights puzzle - and for your update on your health. FYI - if you have time, and want to give your body an extra boost to help you through the coming challenges - malignant or not - check out TTAC (The Truth About Cancer) series - Join it and have access to all the documentaries and information that you can use to give your body the strongest fighting chance, regardless of what it turns out to be. Keep fighting, become strong, and get well soon :) No reply needed. Good luck! Glenys