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Lonsdale Quay ... again !

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North Vancouver


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Hi Li. Thank you for your note. I like this one too!


I like these sculptures. Simple ad effective. Thanks.


Hi Diana! No, you're right! It will be too hot during the day for doggies. Maybe find a nice spot in the cooler evening to watch the fireworks!!

Thank you Floyd. I hope you are having a great Canada Day weekend! Are you playing golf to celebrate!! I hope you wear something red and white!!!

Thank you Dave! Yes, it is a pleasant place ... especially if there is a nice breeze! : )


Short sleeve weather, the flags are flying, nice skyline, and of course the fountain. Pleasant is the word that comes to mind, Cathy!!


Thank you Cathy for an interesting picture with the city skyline.


Oh, that sounds like a great idea. but we're looking after our granddog this week,
and couldn't leave him that long as we're an hour away from Vancouver. But it should
be a super day and it is going to be hot, hot, hot!!!!


Oh!! And there is also the Canada Day Parade which starts at 10:00 am at 13 Street and Grand Blvd and goes along to Lonsdale then up to 17 Street. If you take the 240 or the 241 bus on Georgia Street it will bring you right there.


Hi Diana! Yes, and tomorrow would be a great day to come !!

There will also be a big festival from noon to 4:00 at Waterfront Park which is just beside the Quay. Get off the seabus and turn left. Walk along the path beside the apartments for about 1/2 a block and you're there!


Nice Cathy, haven't been to the Quay since last year. Took grandkids across
and had lunch over there. Must do it again soon. Thanks for the reminder!


Thank you Suzy! And you know what the man is looking at because that was yesterday's puzzle!!

Thank you Lorna! The wind is blowing the flags and the sails in the same direction!!

Thank you Ank!! We can sit right there on one of those benches and enjoy our coffee!! Hug!


O wow, totaly different. Nice. Great photo. Thanks Hugs.


I like the complete transformation of the sculpture from this angle. Nice one Cathy!


As you move around the Quay, the sculpture changes. Creative.


Thank you Aggie! Yes, we are getting some wonderful weather !!!

Thank you Denise! Right now it is 28C (82F) and tomorrow for the Canada Day Parade they are predicting 30C (86F) !!!

Thank you Jim!! Yes, it does!!


Nice one, Cathy! From this angle it looks like a sundial!


Thanks cathy:-)) Looks like a summer's day at your end Hugs:-)))