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All is well again.

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Pumped her dry and got the engine running again. Wait for the gales to stop then go Gar fishing! This sure messed up my day for solving puzzles!! Poor Blake, I almost like him after this!!


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Robbie, where are you? Did your computer crash??


Glad to hear that all is well now.


wow glad its all fixed ... bet they ready to do it again.. giggles


Wow, a lot has happened since I've been gone! Hope all is well with you now, and that you were still able to go fishing and catch some Gar, (whatever those are) L.O.L. Great story, great storyteller! Thanks for sharing with us Robbie! I'm glad that Jenny took pics of the whole thing while it was happening!... Hope the rest of this week goes better for you!

Where are you, Robbie? PG has posted a pretty neat gift for you on today 3/12 posting!!!


poor man!


Like hearing about these experiences with the sea & boats; thanks, Robbie.


I'm so glad to be back all right and no one gets hurt. Take care Robbie, thank you very much for all photos and good story :-))))))))))


So glad it all ended well for the boat, Robbie. Now take care of you.


Thanks mate.

Yes we were lucky Hanne, thanks.

I thought you would PK, thanks!


Great pictures thanks Robbie .. I like the almost !!!


Great that it ended well!! Thanks so very much Robbie!!


good pic


Shucks, you see right through me!! Thanks.


The calm after the storm. You like Blake, and we all know it!!!


Thanks PLG, yes even with all the high winds the colour remains quite blue.


Beautiful water! Glad all is well!


Thanks Peggy, unfortunately I think I am going down, Jenny is on antibiotics so I am booked to go!!

Blake freezes them and uses them for trolling baits chickie. He catches tuna, wahoo and the odd grouper. Our Gar are very different than the freshwater ones, they are silver and average about 12". Thanks.

Thanks snooker, I didn't know Jenny took them. I came up and said I could have made a jigidi story but forgot the camera! She said "look at I-photo" there we are!! Thanks.

Like this shot. Very nice.


So...... what do you do with the gar fish. Bait?


Back tracked... got it. Hope your feeling better.


Yes we acted quickly getting it flushed with fresh water Ank and poor Blake was working out of the pictures! Thanks.

How true Glad, we never know, thanks.

Yes hopefully will get out, they go late at night when the gar are schooling and shine flashlights then net them. I have a sore throat and aching bones so I think I will be laid up tomorrow!! Thanks.


Better luck with the fishing tomorrow Robbie!


Sometimes things don't go as planned. Great all is well now.


Hi Robbie, I'm glad it all ended good. And how nice the motor works again, it is good that you have acted quickly. Not fine if the engine does not want after a bath. But no poor Blake, I did not see him working!!! lol


Hi chooks, this was only 5 hours ago, so no fishing tonight. Too windy, maybe tomorrow. Thanks.


After all that, Robbie, I hope he caught some gar!!! Thanks for the fun story:)