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jonge vliegenzwam

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Fly-agarics indeed look very decorative Roseheather. It`s an European mushroom that playes on the imagination. In children`s story books gnomes usually live in these red and white mushrooms.
When a fly-agaric pushes up from the soil it is completely white. In growing the white outer skin breaks up en stayes on the red in little pieces. This doesn`t only happen with red mushrooms. The parelamaniet (blusher) does the same, for instance. I will post one next time.


I have only seen these, before your pictures, in stores or pictures of items for decorative purposes. They are made of clay and offered with small statues of trolls or gnomes. ; ) It is the spots on the red that makes them unique, and obviously whoever began making them for decoration thought so too.


Die van mij zag ik bij het zwembad maar er zijn hier heel veel op het moment


Hi Tampagirl!!! This Vliegenzwam (Fly Agaric) sure is an eyecatcher! But then, I think most mushrooms are beautiful :-))) Pitty I didn`t find any during my vacation in Beekbergen. Some years I come home with hundreds of mushroom-photo`s. This photo I took last year.


Ja, A3ana, ben altijd weer blij als ik er eentje vind. Heb er dit jaar nog geen een gezien. Deze foto is van verleden jaar :)


I never thought I would find a mushroom so beautiful but this one sure is! time 3:42


ze blijven mooi die vliegenn zwammetjes


Thank you, Graciela.


No Ibby, they are mildly poisonous. You could get sick after eating them.


Another beauty! thanks