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Ruby and her Blues brothers.

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And this is me in my alter ego. I have a number of recent postings of our dogs under user puzzaddled2 but these are some I posted under this user profile a while back that you might enjoy. (I have posted a ton of dog photos under both, lol.)


Hi, Joan! Pleased to meet you and welcome to Jigidi. (I'm in the Toronto Area ... hmmm...Erie and central PA shopping trips. Hubby and I have stayed in the hotel in Edinboro more than once!)

It's nice to have the red gene...depending on the gene combination, you may get some red or red-tri pups. Do you do any work re sheep dog trials or obedience etc.? They are a very, very bright breed. We have a number of friends in the sheep dog trialing world (although we don't ourselves at the present time) so know so many of these dogs. I don't think I've met one that isn't a character in their own right! LOL

I'm Joan, in North Central Pennsylvania. I hope to breed Ruby this fall, her mom was a red and the stud is a red with red parents. Only a little worried instead of three borders I'll end up with my three borders and a whole bunch of pups. All three of mine have such different personalities, and all soooo smart.


We have three Border Collies too so I know exactly where you are coming from! LOL. We adore ours too. Our last Border Collie prior to these ones was teaching us new games until almost the day she passed away. A wonderful, wonderful breed but you have to understand their energy and need for mental stimulation! Where do you live? I am Michelle and I am in Ontario, Canada.


Dogs like to have fun. These guys look like they are loved very much......great smiles!

Yes they are lol and she hasn't grown up at all, she's always full of foolishness, drives us all crazy and I love it.


What a great crowd!! Are they all yours? And boy, did Ruby grow up minutes!! LOL