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Autumn walk. Nov, 14

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Hi Ladywil and Cathy. I'm glad you walk with me, it's more cosy to go together.


Je loopt heel wat af hoor.


Nice to walk with you again today. Dank je, Ank. I'm sorry to hear that your computer is not working properly.


We better use sweaters and a coat, this morning everything was white of the frost. That little building is a box of the electricity transformer. All wires are underground, this is a divide station. Thanks friends.


I think we are wearing light sweaters for our walk today?


Thank you Ank, I have enjoyed our walk today:)


Nice walk and is this equipped with an outdoor privy.


Hi Hanne, Ardy and Pat. Indeed we have a good path here. It's very funny this trees did lose their leaves, other just start to color and others are still green, you will see it in this walk. Thanks for dropping in girls.

I have a problem with my computer, I can use Henk's now for some time. Mine does not want anymore. The video card is broken. Henk will try to fix it. But I don't know when it's ok. Maybe I have to buy a new one. We'll see. I'm very happy that I have good back ups. So I did not lose a thing. I will post my puzzles every day, but maybe I can't be often online. Just wait and see.

Easy walking here so I am keeping up with you. :)


Even in winter I think the trees are beautiful. The lacy pattern of the small branches against the sky are lovely. Thanks, Ank. Lovely walk.


The leaves are almost gone now!! Thanks so very much Ank!!