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Smorgasbord! Something for everyone! (medium)

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142 solves
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Title courtesy of 2dogs7cats. Thanks, Edie!


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I will, I'll mail it for you, just have to look it through!!

Thanks for the buffet...I had fun with it.


That is a beautiful dish, Hanne! Yummy! Tell me more about its ingredients!


Jan!! Thanks so very much, they are extremely beautiful, but they DON'T look at all as the smorgases I'm used to. I'll just show you a BIIIG one that we once made for my book club members:


SuperStarFox - I am so glad you enjoyed this puzzle. Thanks so much!! :)

Ardy - They are YOURS. I'm so happy you like them, my friend.

Thanks, Barb! (and Edie)


I like your new title, Jan, thanks to Edie. :-)


Jan, out of all these beauties my favorites are the middle left and bottom right.Love it. Thank you.

Love it!! Love the colors and the designs.


Barb - Thanks so VERY much! I know what you mean. When you make a lot of puzzles, it just gives you puzzle block sometimes. I don't know how PatD does it all the time!
I am so glad you enjoyed this one. I really appreciate your comments!


I have the same problem with many of my puzzles, Jan ..... sometimes I just call them by the day of the week, for example, Monday morning puzzle. Not very original I guess.
Some lovely images here. I really like the middle row left as well as the bottom row left. Thanks for a fun puzzle. :-)