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Kaleido 1

49 pieces
203 solves
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You are so welcome, Linda. I do appreciate your taking the time to let me know how much you enjoy my puzzles.


Such lovely bright color combinations and interesting shapes within each layer. Thanks for another fun solve! :)


You're very welcome, Magda.

Thanks for the update, Sue. That's quite a variation in the weather. Summer seems to be coming in bits and spurts. Good luck with school. You take care as well.


Doing OK. Spring/Summer is off to a good start...weeds are growing like wild, LOL. I have started on my yardwork. Yesterday was 90, today it was dreary and barely made 70, but it will settle in soon. School is keeping me busy for another couple of months. Hoping to travel a bit this summer/fall. Take care.


Very pretty, thanks Gail


Well, look who's here? Sue! It's so nice to hear from you. Things are fine at my end. Do you have the 50-something pages of bookmarks I have? If you see this, how are things with you?


Good fun one, Gail! Thanks very much!! :)))


Hi Gail. That was a refreshing little puzzle, thanks. I hardly have time for solving lately, lots of yardwork and school is keeping me busy. I have a bazillion bookmarks for summertime though. LOL Hope you are doing fine these days. 2:41